Often we hear about your typical manual labor professions such as construction work, plumbing, electricians, etc.  But what we don’t hear very often about is something, or someone, called artisan contractors.  What are artisan contractors, and what do they have to do with CT insurance? Keep reading.

Basically, artisan contractors are involved in many aspects of construction and contractor work.  These include your friendly neighborhood plumber, or your cousin the landscaper, and even your buddy the dry-wall and roofing expert.  All of these professions require a significant amount of CT insurance that include general & excess liability, workers comp, commercial auto and property, and something called inland marine which covers any tools, equipment or devices they use on the job. 

Now we just threw a lot of information at you, but luckily our friends at Rough Notes have taken the time to film this great little video that will hopefully clear any artisan contract jargon: 


We hope you enjoyed that little video and it cleared up any confusion you may have had about artisan contractors and CT insurance. If you have any further questions though, about a policy you may need since you yourself are an artisan contractor, or employ one or two, give Paradiso Insurance a call today! Our experts will help you out with any issues or questions you may have!