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Caring for and Insuring Your Wedding Jewelry

Marriage is a great celebration in anyone’s life, however, weddings can be expensive! Ceremonies, receptions, and honeymoons can add up, and if you’ve recently said “Yes” to a proposal, you may be wearing an engagement ring that cost a pretty penny.. Typically engagement rings range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars, and in fact, the average cost of an engagement ring is around $6,000. That doesn’t even include the cost of the actual wedding bands, which can add up very quickly.

A couple with wedding bands.

What if something were to happen to this jewelry before, on, or after your big day? Damage, theft, or loss can happen to anyone, anywhere, so, it’s imperative you do everything you can to protect your wedding jewelry.

1. Exposure

The best way to keep your jewelry in good condition is to  avoid exposing it to things that can damage your rings.

If you’re going to exercise, leave your jewelry at home. In fact, any type of intensive sport or activity can cause damage. Sweat and dirt can build up around the ring band, plus you’re risking losing or breaking it during activity. So, before you head out for a jog or engage in any physical activity, take your rings off and secure them in a safe location.

The same goes for cleaning, too. Any type of cleaning that requires constant exposure to water, soap, or other chemicals should be avoided when you have your wedding jewelry on. Take your jewelry off and keep it secure before you clean the home.

Speaking of water, it doesn’t mix well with jewelry. Long term and constant exposure can damage or tarnish your rings, so don’t bring jewelry to the poolside or beach. You pose a greater risk of loss this way and exposure to chlorine, salt, or sand can greatly deteriorate the integrity of your jewerly.

2. Safe Keeping

Storing your jewelry is just as important as caring for it. Therefore, make sure to store it in a safe space. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a safe, but it should be away from extreme elements such as heat or cold. Never leave your wedding jewelry outdoors and keep it in  a location (like a jewelry box) that you’ll remember.

3. Insurance

You may not think to insure your wedding jewelry, but you should. Your insurance agent can help create an affordable policy that will protect it for as long as you have it.

Once your jewelry has been insured, you can also keep a record of it through our mobile app. Once you have the Insurance Agent app downloaded onto your smartphone, simply select the property tab and add the jewelry to your home inventory. There you can upload pictures, date of purchase, value, and more. This information will come in handy in case you need to provide proof for a claim in the event something happens to your jewelry.

4. Cleaning

Like any type of expensive item or property you own, it’s going to require maintenance and care. That’s why it’s important to take the time to properly clean and care for your jewelry. Not only will this keep it looking it’s best, but it will help it to stay in excellent condition for many years.

Now, if you plan to clean your jewelry make sure to use professional polishing cloths because fibrous products like paper towels and tissues can cause scratching. Additionally, if your jewelry does become warped or damaged, avoid cleaning it because this can further the damage. Instead, put it aside in a safe area and make sure to schedule it for repairs.

It’s also recommended to use safe, professional cleaning products on your jewelry. Anything that isn’t safe to use on your jewelry can cause damage or even eat away at the structure. For example, chemicals like bleach can erode metals and even discolor stones. Before you apply cleaner, make sure it’s safe to use each and every time.

Finally, make sure to regularly inspect your jewelry. Check your wedding jewelry for loose stones, scratches, or discoloration, even if you take the utmost care in preventing damage, time can age any product, so be proactive and take action if you see something unusual.

Rings signify commitment, loyalty, and the special bond two people have with each other. However, if something like theft, damage, or loss occurs, this can be a major problem. Wedding rings are often seen as more than just a ring, and with the major financial investment that goes into them, it’s important to protect that. Have you recently gotten engaged or married? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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