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Staying Safe During Your Morning Commute

Staying Safe During Your Morning Commute

Every day millions of Americans head to work or school causing traffic and other problematic delays on the public roadways. If you’re commuting between 6AM to 8AM, you probably know how dangerous and stressful it can be during the peak of rush hour. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to stay safe during your morning commute.

Plan ahead.

The biggest reason for an unsafe morning commute is because drivers don’t give themselves enough time in the morning and often rush out the door to get to work on time.

Additionally, accidents, inclement weather, and school buses can impact your commute and cause drivers to speed to make up for lost time. However, this is incredibly dangerous and can create serious accidents. You should always obey the speed limit.

To avoid rushing during the morning commute, lay out your outfit and make your lunch the night before. In the morning, check the weather or local traffic so you can leave earlier to give yourself more time if need be.

Obey school zone laws.

Now that school is back in session, it’s imperative to pay attention and obey all laws regarding school zones and buses. In many states, it’s illegal to pass a school bus on the road or when its red lights are flashing.

You’ll also need to slow down in school zones, and be cautious of children in the area.

Make sure you have all the right paperwork in your vehicle.

Most people don’t think of checking their glovebox to make sure they have up to date registration or insurance before they head out on their morning commute, but you should. If you get into an accident, you’ll need to have that paperwork to show the police and the parties involved. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the proper coverage on your automobile. The last thing our insurance agency would want is for anyone to be underinsured.

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Having an underinsured vehicle on your policy can leave you financially vulnerable if you had an accident with an uninsured driver. Make sure you have the right coverage before you drive, talk to one of our licensed insurance agents about your automobile insurance options today!

Get more sleep!

Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough sleep, and if you find yourself dozing off behind the wheel during your morning commute, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes so you can stay focused and safe while driving.

You may not think that missing a bit of sleep will interfere with your commute, but a sleep deprived brain has been compared to that of an intoxicated one behind the wheel. If you feel yourself dozing off pull over to the side of the road, or grab a cup of coffee to wake yourself up.

Create a soothing playlist.

Having soothing music or even a podcast playing in your vehicle can actually help calm your nerves during you morning commute, leaving you less prone to road rage and ready to start the day. Be sure to create a playlist ahead of time though, because we certainly don’t want you distracted on the road.

Eliminate distractions.

Speaking of distractions be sure to eliminate them while you drive. If your weekly obligations require you to commute during the morning rush hour, make sure you drive distraction free. This means keep your hands off your phone, avoid eating, and don’t play with the car radio, or anything else that keeps your eyes off the road even for a second.

Driving distracted is not only dangerous to you, but also to the hundreds of other commuters around you. It’s your responsibility to be 100% focused at all times, especially during the morning commute. Avoid accidents and make your commute less stressful by pledging to drive distracted free.

To learn more about how you can drive distracted free, click the button below.

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