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Why Do I Need HVAC Insurance?

Why Do I Need HVAC Insurance?

The cooler weather is officially here, and many home and business owners begin to utilize their heating systems to make the environment a bit more comfortable.

Additionally, many HVAC companies tend to see a peak of business this time of year, because people need their heating systems updated, fixed, or replaced for the winter season.

You’ve worked within the HVAC industry for a while and understand how to effectively repair and maintain a heating or cooling system. However, do you understand the liabilities you or your staff face during any job? Property damage, improper installation, or even work related accidents can lead to lawsuits and claims against you or your company.

The last thing we’d want to see is for someone to have to shut their business down for good because their current coverage left them exposed to risk. That’s why at Paradiso Insurance, we make sure your HVAC insurance policy fits your individual needs and protects you from any risk or liabilities that could hurt your business in the future.

What types of liabilities is your HVAC business exposed to?

Property Damage

Whether you own or lease the space where your HVAC business is located, you’re liable for any damages to it if you don’t have the right protection. Something like severe weather can cause significant damage and leave you with financial turmoil or even business closure.

Not to mention, each and everyone of your employees poses a potential risk, because they can cause damage to on site property or personal belongings.

Job Site Accidents

Accidents and mistakes can happen, and as a HVAC business owner, you’re liable if an employee or customer becomes injured on site during a job. Besides bodily injury risks, you’re also liable for any property damages that happen on site. Having the correct HVAC insurance can help protect you from risks that can occur while doing a job.

Automobile Accidents

Many people think of the typical automobile accident happening in a vehicle for personal use, but that’s simply not the case. If your HVAC business has commercial vehicles, they won’t be covered under a traditional auto insurance policy.

Our licensed insurance agents will be sure to protect your business from expenses that occur when someone else suffers bodily injury or property damage as a result of operation of business owned vehicle.

Data Liability

To run your HVAC business properly, you’ll need to have access to private customer information such as credit card and residential information. If any of this information were to get into the wrong hands due to a data breach or other type of negligence, your business would face serious legal action. Having the right protection with a HVAC insurance policy ensures your business won’t go under due to claims or legal fees.

Equipment Liability

Your HVAC business most likely has tools necessary for it to run, but what happens if these tools become damaged or lost? As an owner, you’ll be at a major financial loss if you need to replace certain equipment, and that’s why we help you cover it in a HVAC insurance policy.

Extra Liability

Depending on your HVAC business, you may need coverage for liabilities that aren’t fully covered under a typical commercial insurance policy. Extra liabilities that exceed a traditional insurance policy would be covered under umbrella insurance.

At Paradiso Insurance, we understand that no two HVAC businesses are the same, and that’s why we will work with you to protect your business from any sort of liability now or in the future. To get a free quote, simply click the button below.

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