It’s always an exciting moment in anyone’s life.  That moment when you’ve passed your stressful driving test and are now able to drive on your own is quite an accomplishment.  Furthermore, it gives you a new sense of independence that you’ve previously never had before.  But as many great persons of history have said, ” with privilege comes responsibility.”

When new teen drivers sit behind the wheel for the first time on their own, they assume the responsibility of driving safely, just like every other driver on the road… hopefully. Now while there’s plenty of safe and responsible young drivers out there, there’s also many teen drivers out there who believe they’re invincible and can do whatever they want and drive as fast as possible.  Not only is this incredibly dangerous and against the law, but it is one of the main reasons why CT auto insurance is so expensive for young drivers… they’re just simply more of a risk on the road because of their inexperience.

Take a look at the following video provided by Rough Notes that spells out more of the risk and responsibility attached to new teen drivers:

So hopefully if your son or daughter is new behind the wheel, make sure that they understand how important it is to drive safely and cautiously.  Never mind the CT auto insurance impact of an accident caused by them, but just think about their safety- it’s the most important thing in the world.