Like I began talking about yesterday, my recent visit to New Orleans led me to think about and then blog on flood insurance.  Even though the hurricane was almost a decade ago, there’s still signs of devastation, and I simply can’t pass up talking about it and the very real possibility of a total loss from flooding, even here in Connecticut.

Yes, it is the middle of January so the threat of flooding is basically nonexistent, but Spring will be here before you know it, and that means the snow up North will be melting and thus causing rivers around here, especially our own Willimantic river here in Stafford Springs, to rise and cause threats of flooding.  That’s why having Hartford flood insurance is important, no matter what the calendar says.

Don’t agree? Well in fact, if you don’t have Hartford flood insurance, you should think about getting it NOW, not later, because a policy usually takes roughly thirty days to take effect.  So if you think about waiting until the spring time, think again, because that’s NOT a good idea.  

Furthermore, remember, CT homeowners insurance does NOT cover flood damage. That’s why Hartford flood insurance is so crucial to your financial and home’s survival.  If you have any questions about this then please give us a call, we would be happy to help out! 860-684-5270.