Starting A Food Truck Business? Get Insured!

Owning businesses that are within the food industry carries a lot of responsibility. You not only have to assure your customers that your food meets the quality standards, but you also have to be prepared if, by any chance, your product or service causes any harm.


Paradiso Insurance provides mobile food truck insurance. Doesn’t matter if you don’t operate the food truck or do but not with frequency. Being properly insured is a must; learn why with us!



What’s The Importance Of Insuring Your Food Truck?

Running a mobile food truck business is not the same as operating a stationary restaurant. You never know when or where your next customer will be, which adds up to the risk of providing services with no backup plan if something goes wrong.


One reason mobile food trucks are considered risky is their potential exposure to dangerous elements while on service; this includes hot stoves, sharp knives, and even flying objects.


General Liability provides coverage for your mobile truck should it get into an accident with another car while on service. Without mobile food truck insurance, you will have to cover the damages. 


Furthermore, if somebody is injured in that incident, medical expenses are also at risk of not being covered. All these policies are tailored to the needs and exposures of your business. 

If you do not have a mobile food truck but still provide services at events using mobile equipment such as mobile ovens, mobile refrigeration units, and mobile hot dog carts, mobile food truck insurance provides coverage for any damages during service.


Types Of Food Truck Coverage

Paradiso Insurance is your trusted insurance agency in CT. We provide tailored insurance for many types of businesses include  food trucks that covers many aspects of your business, such as:

General Liability

The first policy that many food and beverage business owners buy is general liability insurance. It protects your company from lawsuits, accidents, and oversights that might otherwise cause its financial ruin. It’s also necessary for most restaurant commercial leases.

Liability insurance protects you and your company against common commercial risks such as customer injury, customer property damage, and commercial loss. It may be required by a location owner or event director.

Commercial Auto

Auto insurance for commercial vehicles is an insurance policy that covers damage to your car, as well as liability concerns. This sort of business insurance covers a variety of commercial vehicles, including company cars and a wide range of commercial trucks and automobiles.


Commercial Inland Marine

Inland marine insurance is a form of commercial insurance that protects goods, materials, and equipment while transported on lands, such as by truck or railway. This coverage is designed to safeguard movable or essential company property that is used for transportation or communication.


Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance, often known as workman’s comp, is a policy that covers employees who are injured or become sick from a job-related source. It also includes income replacement and death benefits.


Workers’ compensation also lowers your insurance liability for work-related injuries and illnesses. Your workers can sue you for a work-related injury or illness to help pay for their medical costs or missed income without coverage.


Paradiso Insurance: A Reliable Agency In CT

With our insurances, your business can also be covered if there’s any crash with our collision coverage. With Paradiso Insurance, your safety comes first. We have been known in the industry for years, and we know what businesses need; let us assist you.


We are the best insurance agency in CT, and our clients and expertise back us up. What are you waiting for to get your insurance with us?



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