• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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While everyone always talks about a white Christmas during this time of year, there’s also a few love birds out there who are hoping for a beautiful, snow-laden white wedding this winter as well.  While weddings, no matter what the season, are great events for families and friends, they are also fairly stressful events and obviously extremely expensive.  That’s why looking into CT insurance for weddings is a very smart decision on the couple’s part, just to make sure if anything major goes wrong during their big day, they’ll be financially alright.

Think about this scenario: You’ve planned the perfect winter wedding, at the most beautiful church in the hills of Connecticut.  You’ve checked the forecast and it’s calling for snow on the date of your wedding! Cheers! But then as the day gets closer, that light dusting of snow has turned into a blizzard.  The only roads that lead you to your remote chapel are all closed and now you have to re-schedule your whole wedding.  Well without CT insurance for weddings, you’ll be out some serious cash because of all the cancelations you’ll have to make.  But with the coverage, all of those cancelation costs are taken care of! That’s why this coverage is so important and so great! That way you can have your perfectly planned wedding without the hassle!

Now like any other type of CT insurance, we hope you never have to file a claim. But if you do have something major happen to you, then you’ll have the piece of mind in knowing your covered and haven’t lost a significant amount of money.