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This was the beginning of a blog that we posted way back at the start of August: “Well folks it’s that time of year again, hurricane season! We’re halfway into the first full week of August and that means we’re in the beginning stages of the 2012 hurricane season. Generally lasting from now until November (although that’s usually only for our Southern neighbors since a hurricane in November would be more like a snow storm), hurricane season should cause you to prepare your home and your family with the necessary tools and equipment in order to ‘weather’ the impending storms.”  Well here we are, about to enter the last days of October and into the beginning of November, and look what is quickly approaching New England along the eastern seaboard- a Hurricane!

Just when we though we were clear of another hurricane season, one arises out of the southern Atlantic and is poised to hit Connecticut square on.  So while you should be checking the forecast every couple of hours for the latest updates on the storm, here’s a checklist of what you should have in your home to prepare for the upcoming storm:

         A week’s  worth of food and water

         A radio with multiple sets of batteries

         A flashlight for every member of the family,with the appropriate batteries as well

         Make an evacuation plan, and if you’ve alreadydone so, review it with the entire family.

         Know what your CT homeowners insurance covers,and more importantly, what it doesn’t.

Here’s a staggering figure: the average total damage cost from a typical hurricane is $1.8 billion for the United States. This upcoming storm is no different, with estimates of well over $1 billion in damages already swirling. Most homeowners policies will not kick in if damage is caused by flooding, as that’s a separate coverage.  Also what if your car is damaged from the storm? Your home coverage won’t cover that either.  So make absolutely sure that you know the ins and outs of your CT homeowners insurance policy and treat it just like another one of your hurricane preparedness checklists! You’ll be happy you did!