• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Time and again you hear about scams involving contractors who have unfortunately ruined the lives of families across the country.  That’s why using the BBB is your best bet when you really have no clue where to start your search. Moreover, you know you’re going to find a great business that will care for your home and treat you and your family right.  Even more, the improvement to your home is more than likely going to help out in the CT homeowners insurance department as well if it adds to the safety of your overall home.

Here are some classic things that scams are known to do: Solicit door-to-door, exert pressure to sign a contract on the spot, offer to use “left over materials” from another job, only accept cash and ask that you pay for the entire job in advance.

– Make sure you ask about references –Door-to-door contractors may claim to have done work for your neighbors, however, BBB recommends asking for references and contact information from their last three jobs that are similar to the work you’d like done. If they hesitate for just a second, simply thank them for their time and move along.

– Get it all in writing, it’s that simple –All contractors must provide a written contract specifying a payment schedule, details about the type of work to be done, exact costs, materials, a start and completion date and details about warranty information on products and installation.  Connecticut consumers have the right to cancel a contract within three days of signing, under the federal “cooling-off law.” This is perhaps one of the easiest steps, yet often the most over looked.  For your protection, everything in writing just makes your life so much easier, especially if something were to happen.

– Deposit and payment – Areasonable deposit would be between twenty-five and thirty-three percent of the estimated total project cost.  Pay by credit card or a check made out to acompany rather than an individual.  Neverever EVER pay with cash! This is just asking for trouble.  Remember, cash lacks any traceable features, that’s why it’s so scary in this situation.

So if you’re thinking about remodeling or putting an addition on your home in the form of a deck or enclosed room, make sure that the contractor you chose has outstanding credentials comes recommended by multiple trusted sources.