• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Injuries can occur in the work place, no matter what type of work you or your company do. Now obviously injuries to employees occur more frequently when the work is more labor-intensive, like construction. However I wouldn’t put this out of your mind if you work in an office building every day either. You can just as easily injure your back trying to lift a new cabinet for the office as you would lifting piles of 2×4’s. It’s this exact reason why employers need to take the necessary steps to solidify an excellent CT workers comp policy. It’s what any Connecticut business needs, regardless as to what the business may be.  Your business could have a perfect record without a single injury to an employee, ever,but that still doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen tomorrow, and that’s why you need this vital business coverage.

Workers comp coverage essentially covers the cost of any medical bills or other expenses that would come from an incident in which an employee hurt themselves why working. Perhaps the best part of a stellar comp policy is that it takes cares of everything without hurting your business’s profitability. 

Now, if the thought has ever crossed your mind, as a business owner, that you could somehow neglect to invest in a workers comp policy, not only would you be assuming a huge liability and risk, but you’d also be assuming a huge legal risk, because,simple enough, it’s a class A misdemeanor if your business doesn’t have compensation insurance! Now say you are issued this, and you still choose to go without coverage,then that misdemeanor transforms into a class D felony! So get coverage now!Don’t wait around. Take care of your employees, because without them, your business cannot exist. 

Still not convinced? Check out this great Rough Notes video:


If you have any more questions about your business and it’s CT workers comp coverage, then give us a call! We are the experts that can help you with any insurance needs or questions you have! At Paradiso Insurance, it’s our priority to protect your business to the best of our abilities, all while making sure your premiums remain low!