• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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pc-business.png']We often hear about employees getting injured while at work, and what’s the first thing that everyone says? Two words: workers comp.  While many of us now briefly what workers comp is, many of us don’t understand the necessary facits of a CT workers comp policy.

At its core, CT workers comp is a liability insurance coverage that an employer has which kicks into action if an accidental injury happens to an employee while at the office, the work site, or anywhere else on company-designated property.  Not only does the policy come with mandatory benefits, it also provide assistance with medical expenses, and even costs that arise from a sickness or death that has resulted from the accident.  

So what type of business can be insured through a CT workers comp policy? Well pretty much every kind! That includes partnerships, proprietorships, joint ventures, and even corporations! More over, not only does this coverage help out with the payments from reasons stated in the previous paragraph, but it also insures the employer with legal defense and cost if a lawsuit were to arise from an injured employee.  So not only does CT workers comp cover the business, but it also covers the employees as well.  How great is that?!

If you have any further questions about CT workers comp, or any other CT insurance for that matter, give Paradiso Insurance a call, and we’ll assist you with any needs you may have!