• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We hear quite frequently about the importance of  CT workers comp coverage for employers and employees in the state of Connecticut.  Not only does it benefit the employee by paying for medical expenses due to an injury that occurred at the workplace, but it also benefits the employer as well, since that payout to the hurt employee isn’t coming out of the company’s earnings.apple-touch-icon.png']

When dealing with injured employees though, the employer and the insurance company need to make sure that the employees who claim to be hurt and unable to work, are in fact unable to work, and not taking advantage of the system.  Let’s look at the following scenario to see what CT workers comp fraud looks like:

Employee Number one works at a retirement home and has claimed that she injured her back while lifting a patient out of bed. While employee number one was given significant time to rehab her injury, she still claimed that not only was her back not better, but it in fact was becoming worse, claiming that she had become immobile and unable to walk.  However when her employer became suspicious, the company did a little light investigating.  After only a couple of days, the employer learned that not only could employee number one walk, but she was seen regularly jogging throughout her neighborhood, and was even seen walking into a high intensity yoga class! Clearly employee number one was not as injured as believed.  This absolute foolishness not only cost employee number one her job (who’s now called unemployed number one), but she was also convicted of CT workers comp fraud!

So the moral of this story is no matter how well you think you may have gotten away with something, it will always catch up with you in the end! Don’t ever attempt to commit CT workers comp fraud, because not only will you lose your job, but chances are you’ll be prosecuted as well!