• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Now before you read too much into the title, we’re not saying that it’s impossible to get CT homeowners insurance coverage for different types of homes.  All we are saying is that there are certain types of homes, depending on their age or location, that are a little more tricky for insurers, as well as the CT homeowners to cover all of their bases on.

Below is a list of some of these homes we’re referring to, and the reasons why you may have some difficulty:

The House is located in a natural disaster area.

We’re looking at those homes along the coast line that are subject to hurricanes and floods.  Or the homes in the elevated areas of Connecticut and the rest of New England that can get hit with bad winter weather.

Colonial Homes

That’s a nice way of saying ‘older’ homes.  Don’t get us wrong- the century old colonials and Victorians that are all over Connecticut are absolutely breathtaking.  However, chances are you’ll have more problems with those homes than newer ones.  Plumbing, electric systems, heat/a-c issues are all risks associated with getting an older home.

Vacation homes

Here’s the thing about vacation/ second homes.  They’re great, but chances are you aren’t there for any extended period of time.  And when you’re gone that long, if there’s an issue, chances are it can go undetected for a LONG time.  Just imagine a water leak/issue that isn’t found for a couple months- can you say mold?

Pools or trampolines

While these are great in the summer time and provide endless fun for the family and friends in the neighborhood, there’s definitely risks involved with these items on your property.  These risks are obvious with drowning in the pool and spinal injuries on the trampoline, so if you have one (or both) of these, then you may see that affect your CT homeowners insurance.

Buster the Dog

Yup, unfortunately if you have a dog that is a breed notoriously known for aggression, then chances are it’ll cost you on your ct home insurance premiums.  Dog bits are almost 1/3 of all home insurance claims every year, so if you have a pit bull, Rottweiler, or other dog like these, then chances are there could be some issues.