• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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 As an agent, I mainly hear about cases where people are underinsured. 
These people are at risk to lose a great deal of money, as their
insurance may not cover the full replacement value of their home. 
However, I occasionally hear about people who have too much insurance. 
Sometimes a cautious homeowner will overestimate the value of their
residence.  In this case, the policyholder will be paying extra premium
for coverage he or she will not receive after a loss.  To increase your
coverage properly, you must purchase an Extended Replacement Cost
endorsement.  This endorsement boosts the coverage A (dwelling) limit on
your homeowner’s policy.  It can be purchased in increments of 25%, all
the way up to 100%.  Looking to increase your coverage?  Give us a call at 860.684.5270!


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