• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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One of the most important tasks you can do as a homeowner is ensuring that all of your prized possessions and other “can’t live without” items are all covered under your Connecticut Homeowners Insurance plan.  Now, the best way to do this is pretty simple yet slightly time consuming, but totally worth it in the end.  We’re referring to taking an in-depth inventory of all your possessions that you would need replaced or compensated for in the event of a total loss or other type of claim on your home’s insurance policy.

Yes, this is definitely a more tedious task to complete, but what’s wrong in taking a rainy weekend and going through everything in your house to have an accurate list of your items for insurance purposes?  Let’s put it this way: if you don’t have it, then you seriously run the risk of not having everything covered like you may falsely believe. Below is a list that we have complied that should serve as a solid start for this task.

 $_________All furniture (living room, kitchen, dinning room, play rooms, bedrooms, etc.)

$__________Appliances(kitchen, deck, living room, basement)

$__________Light fixtures and lamps

$__________Price yart, pictures, wall decorations


$__________Expensive books

$__________Curtains,rugs, bedding sheets,

$__________Entertainment (TV’s, radios, computers, cellphones, stereo equipment, etc.)

$__________Expensive china or other kitchen/ dining items

$__________Clothing( everyone’s and all types)

$__________Costume jewelry

$__________Sports equipment

$__________Miscellaneous effects



Again, this list is just for you to start with, and we highly encourage you to be as specific as possible on this list.  Once, it’s completed, make a few copies for yourself and for someone else (a close relative) who doesn’t live in your house. That would definitely be an awful feeling when you realized that your list you spent so much time on is now a pile of ashes after your house fire.

Furthermore, aside from this list, pictures are an added bonus.  If you can take some snapshots of the different rooms in your home which can serve to verify the items on your list, then you’re all set! If you have any more questions about this topic, or CT homeowners insurance, you know how to reach us!