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Boy, is it HOT.  And it’s not like a little hot, it’s A LOT HOT. And furthermore it’s been THIS HOT for the ENTIRE week! Now I know it’s the middle of July and it’s suppose to be hot in the summer time, but can’t mother nature just give us a day or two off from the 90 heat and humidity? Really, that’s all I am asking! But nonetheless, here we are, day four, and no sign of the thermometer moving is in sight!

Today, since we’re all amped about the heat, we’ll talk about different ways to stay cool inside, besides just blasting the air conditioning. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t have air conditioning in their homes, or only have it in a room or two.  So how do they stay cool? Well here’s some tips to follow!

Hydration is key.  Even though that a/c unit may be blasting, you can still become dehydrated, no matter what the thermometer is reading, so neglecting to drink water will certainly have a negative effect on your body’s health. If you don’t have A/C, then this is crucial! 

So how then can you stay cool inside? Well after all of the air conditioning units have been running and the fans circulating, make sure to, as we’ve just said, to drink, drink, and drink some more (water that is!). Then, try to keep the rooms of your home as dark as possible without looking like you’re reckoning the dead.  Pull the shades down a little in order to keep the hot rays of sun from penetrating into your home. Also, avoid the top floor as much as humanly possible.  I don’t know about y’all’s homes, but the second floor of my house in the summer is like a steam room, so just avoid it as much as possible. 

And just remember to keep track of the wear and tear of your air conditioning units and fans.  You don’t want a short circut or leak to cause an issue that could lead to a ct home insurance claim.  A stetch, yes, but you never know!

Team Paradiso