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Flag Day is a holiday celebrating the American Flag. It was first observed on June 14th, 1885 by a patriotic teacher named Bernard J. Cigrand, who fought for it be officially recognized as a holiday.

At Paradiso Insurance, Flag Day is our favorite holiday, and we always put together a big barbecue celebration to share with our clients, friends and the community.

This year our Flag Day celebration will be held on Friday, June 14th from 11:30AM to 2:00PM and we would love to have everyone and their families to join us at this free event!


What can you expect at our Flag Day celebration?

Fun Vendors

Last year we had special vendors show up with fun games, prizes, and giveaways. This year we will be joined by our friends from Journey Found, Radio i98.3, and Plymouth Rock Assurance. Make sure to stop by their booths for free goodies and information about their services.

Great Food

Our Flag Day celebration is always around lunchtime, and we have the grills started early so everyone can enjoy the feast. The smell of hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, and fresh roasted beef fills the air all day on East Main Street.

We also have plenty of drinks, snacks, and even a special cake for Rachel, Chris’s sister, who participates in the Special Olympics every year.

Classic Cars

We love classic cars here at Paradiso Insurance, and that’s why we’re inviting every classic car owner to come stop by with their ride. We always have some beautiful cars show up in Stafford Springs, but we’d love to see more!

Even if you don’t own a classic car, but are a fan, we’d love for you to come and check out the pride and joy shared by the classic car owners on East Main Street.

Patriotic Memorabilia

Every year we order hundreds of custom designed t-shirts to giveaway to anyone who attends our Flag Day celebration.

To us, it’s all about respecting our flag and those who serve under it. We want everyone to proudly wear and display their patriotic shirts, but we also want everyone to proudly display Old Glory at their business or residential property. That’s why we also give away replacement American flags at our Flag Day celebration.

All you have to do is bring in your worn or tattered flag, and we will replace it for free! Rest assured, your old flag will have a proper disposal ceremony to honor it and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom. To us, that’s the true meaning of the American Flag.

All of the American flags we hand out are also 100% made in America, which is unfortunately pretty uncommon today. However, our insurance agency supports American made and manufactured products, and we believe the American flag should always be made here.

Please join us this year as we pay respects to our flag, our country, and all those who have served or are currently serving. Help us cover Stafford Springs in red, white, and blue during our Flag Day celebration. We can’t wait to see you there!