• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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With summer quickly approaching, that means that a host of college graduates will enter the working world for the very first time.  While some chose to work close to their hometown and return to living with mom and dad, some chose to go out on their own and live independently for the first time, aside from the college atmosphere. More than likely, these young, working adults are looking to rent out an apartment or house, so they need to know about the right type of CT insurance for them- renters insurance.

So you’ve got your first job, congratulations! Now you’re looking for a place to live, and chances are, you don’t have the income or savings to purchase your first home, so you look to rent.  The reason for a separate and unique policy like renters insurance is due to the fact that you may own all of the products in your home like your bed, TV, couches and other appliances, but you do not own the structure that you’re living in.  That’s where your landlord comes into play.  

Their responsibility is the outside structure of your complex, however they are not responsible for any of your stuff inside in the event of a fire, flood, or other type of damage that would result in an insurance claim.  Thus here’s where renters insurance comes into play.  If you invest in a renters insurance policy, you can rest assured that your belongings inside your home or apartment will be covered in the case of an unfortunate event.  If you go without renters insurance, you could find yourself with loses that can be devastating. Stop down to Paradiso Insurance for all of your CT insurance needs, including renters insurance!