• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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The success of small business in America is perhaps one of the best gauges of how the economy is doing.  If small business is doing well, then chances are the rest of the economy is doing well also.Just think about all of the small businesses right here in Stafford Springs-  local barber shops, clothing boutiques, and independent CT insurance agencies.These businesses are the life blood of the America dream, and without them, our country would not be the same.  Think about how many people work in those businesses, and then contemplate the amount of families who rely on the success of those businesses in order to have happy and healthy lives of their own.  You’re right, that’s a lot of folks in your small New England community.

Here are the statistics which exhibit just how vital small businesses are not only to our community, but our local municipal economy as well:

  • -About50% of all private sector employees are employed by small businesses
  • -$68out of every $100 spent at small businesses returns to the local economy
  • -twoout of every three new jobs are created by small businesses

When you support small businesses, especially here in Stafford Springs, you’re supporting your local economy. Think about the amount of people you can effect by choosing a small and local business over a corporate enterprise.  It’swell worth paying a few extra bucks at your local clothing store or fish and game shop than going to one of the chains.  Everyone wins when small businesses succeed. So join Paradiso Insurance in our everyday effort to make small businesses grow and become successful!