• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Have you and your family ever been in the middle of severe flooding? If not, then great, however just because you have never been involved with one doesn’t mean you are immune. Flooding can happen at any time especially during the fall so it’s up to you to have the facts you need in case anything ever happens. 

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Not surprisingly, people who have never been in a flood before do not know what to do when one suddenly strikes. As a homeowner it’s necessary for you and your family to understand flood safety and what to do in a similar instance, so here is some advice to consider: 

When flooding occurs always go to the highest part of your home whether it’s the upstairs or possibly the roof. 
If able to, head to higher ground in your community that has yet to be affected by flooding. 
Turn off all utilities in your home including electricity and plumbing. 
Listen to a battery operated radio set for up to date information the status of the flooding in your community. 

A flood is no laughing matter and knowing the proper safety techniques is a must for every homeowner. After the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, no one can be too careful these days. If you have any more questions on flood insurance in CT do not hesitate to call!