• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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I really don’t understand those who dislike the Christmas season.  It’s the most festive and joyous season of the year, where we all can gather together with family or friends, or both, and spend some quality time together over food, drinks and laughs.  With all of this cheer going around, it’s hard though to keep up with the normal tasks of your day in addition to preparing for the season.

While Christmas and other holiday decorations are wonderful and allow you to exhibit your festive spirit for all to see, these decorations pose a real risk to your home and your CT insurance, if they aren’t properly installed and maintained. Here’s some common Christmas decorations that you need to keep an eye on this holiday season to make sure nothing happens:

  • Your tree- is it a fake one or real one? If you go the real tree route, watering it doesn’t only keep it alive and looking great, but it also stops the tree from drying out and becoming an easy target for any close range open flame.  If there are any candles in the near vicinity of the Christmas tree, make sure to pay close attention and never leave the room without extinguishing the flame first. 

  • And speaking of candles…  We all know that candles can be dangerous no matter what time of the year, but more than likely you have a few more lit this time of year than any other time.  The more candles lit, the higher risk of fire, that much is clear.  But remember, while these bundles of warm smelling wax may bring Christmas cheer to everyone in the home, make sure they aren’t near any hanging garland, wreathes, trees, or other flammable objects. 

  • And how can we talk about Christmas without the abundance of light! While candles are an actual flame that can cause fire, an overloaded outlet filled with a couple extra Christmas lights can be just as dangerous.  Make sure that if you’re really into the Christmas spirit that you have enough outlets and surge protectors to handle the increase in electricity.  One spark can lead to a Christmas season filled with CT insurance claims, and no one wants that!   

So by all means, decorate to your heart’s content! We only ask that you do so safely and with plenty of caution.  Watch those candles, water that tree, and for goodness sake, have enough surge protectors! We at Paradiso Insurance want everyone to enjoy this time of year without an insurance claim!