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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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When it comes to getting in a car accident, the aftermath can bring feelings of stress, anxiety, and confusion. However, the moments after an accident are crucial to making sure you are protected afterwards. Today we will cover what you should keep in mind immediately after an accident:

  • Check for injuries: If anyone has been hurt in the accident be sure they get medical attention right away.
  • Call the Police: To ensure the accident is properly documented contact the police. It is advised that you don’t discuss the accident with anyone other than the police. Proper documentation is necessary for claims purposes. Never try to negotiate with the other driver or take matters into your own hands.
  • Take Pictures: You must have your own documentation. Be sure to take pictures of the accident as soon as possible. Make this step a breeze and send it off to your insurance company right away with our mobile app.
  • Gather information: You will need information from the other party involved such as: their name, licence plate number, licence number, phone number, address, make & model of their car, and any injuries. Also get names and contact information of any other passengers and witnesses. Lastly, get the name, department, and badge number of the police officers involved with the accident investigation.
  • Call your Insurance Agent: After the accident, call your agent to report the details of the accident. You can also use the accident report feature on our mobile app to make things much easier!

Most importantly, stay calm. Being in control will help ensure that you remember to cover all of the above steps. As always, our mobile app is. As always, never hesitate to contact your agent if you need assistance!