• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yes we know.  Saying that warming your home is vital this winter is pretty understandable, but what we’re talking about is more than just for personal comfort.  Making sure your home is properly heated this winter could mean a world of difference for the overall well-being of your home as well.

Just think about all the things in your home that need to be properly heated.  It’s definitely not a good thing to go without heating your home.  Now we’re not saying that you need to blast the heat at 80 degrees all the time, because that would be ridiculous, and expensive.  But you also can’t keep your home going throughout the winter without any heat at all.  We’re saying that you need to find a happy medium where everything in your home with work properly, but not cause your heating bill to sky rocket.  There’s nothing wrong with throwing a sweatshirt on to save money, but you don’t want to find yourself with a parka on either.

What we’re getting at though with heating your home is that the internal workings of your home need some type of heat to work properly.  Take for instance your pipes.  These are like the blood vessels of your home.  If they freeze and burst, not only could you find yourself without water to drink or bath with, but also have to file a pretty steep CT homeowners insurance claim as well. 

So like we said before, you don’t need to have the heat blasting all the time, but make sure you can’t see your breath either.  Make sure your home’s internal system is properly cared for, and call Paradiso Insurance is you have any other CT homeowners insurance questions.