• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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While it may be raining currently, chances are that this precipitation will be turning to snow very soon.  And with the winter weather comeswith it hazardous driving conditions that we need to prepare for.  While the vast majority of us take the necessary precautions to drive in winter weather safely, there will always be those people that simply choose to ignore the preparation.

So while you may exhibit excellent winter driving habits, and you’re CT auto insurance probably reflects this, there are people who do not exhibit good winter driving habits.  Moreover,you need to make sure your car is properly cared for, especially during the winter season, as it faces the most difficult weather conditions of the year. So before the snow really starts to fly, here are some tips to make sure yourcar is prepped for winter driving:

 Make sure to have your brakes checked. The braking system is without question, the most vital safety system your car has.  So making sure your brakes are good to go is a must.

Check the exhaust system for any carbon monoxide leaks because this could be extremely harmful to you if you’re driving for any length of time with the windows fully closed.  Have this fixed immediately!

  The heating system should be ready to work!  Nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road in sub-freezing temperatures with no heat!

 While checking and refilling the fluid level of the windshield washer system is very important,don’t forget to look at your wiper blades and replace them if need be.

So make sure you and your car are ready for this winter driving season! Once your car is all set, check out your CT auto insurance to make sure it’s all set in case anything were to happen out on the winter roads.  Happy driving!