Here at Paradiso Insurance, we insure all different types of businesses, and we truly believe in protecting and educating our customers. We also believe in the value of insurance, while helping our customers stay safe along the way. We’d like to briefly discuss a few tips on how lawn-care and landscaping business owners can go about protecting their businesses, both with insurance policies and other methods as well.

Where to Begin

Lawn care and landscaping companies can cover a variety of different types of work. With such a variety of labor, the risks you face will be far and wide.  A good start to have yourself generally covered would be to have business owner’s insurance policy in place. You never know when an accident may happen that could result in either personal injury or property damage and having a policy that includes General Liability and Property Insurance should give you the coverage you need. Here at Paradiso Insurance, we have policies specialized for lawncare and landscaping company owners, and we educate our customers to find the most suitable policy at the most affordable price.

How Else Can I Protect My Business?

We’re glad you asked!. Insurance is a fantastic fallback, but let’s talk about some ways that you can proactively protect your business. When choosing your team, make sure that you select professionals with real credentials and experience, and have a safety guide or policy in place for your team. Be sure to train them on lawn care safety, so you know your team is fully educated and prepared. Also, be sure not to make any promises to clients, unless you are absolutely positive you can fulfill what you’re offering. If a mistake ever occurs, such as property damage, do everything in your power to repair the affected area and fulfill your job requirements, because the last thing you need is a lawsuit on your hands. Be sure to have the proper business credentials in place; LLC’s are a great place for small  business owners to start, and setting one up is painless. Other than that, be diligent in your work, and become a trusted resource for both your team and clients so that they come to you with problems or concerns they may have before they become a real issue. If you’re looking to ask questions about your insurance, or to make sure that you’re properly covered with a policy that is right for you, please feel free to reach out to one of our agents here at Paradiso Insurance so we can discuss things in further detail.