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Here at our insurance agency, we’re huge fans of motorcycles! We love American made motorcycles especially, such as Victory and Harley, but no matter what type of motorcycle you have, you can protect your toy with a motorcycle insurance policy from our agency. Speaking of coverage, while we pride ourselves in finding you the coverage you need at the most affordable rate, we also like to give tips to our customers on how they can avoid claims to stay safe and keep their insurance premiums at an affordable low price. Unfortunately, motorcyclist deaths occur 27 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles (NHTSA), and that’s unfortuantely something that insurance can’t save you from. With that being said, during motorcycle safety month, we’d like to address how you can stay safe on the road.

Make Sure you are Properly Licensed

Driving any vehicle, including a motorcycle, requires proper licensing and training to ensure you are ready for the road. Be sure to never, ever hit the road if you are not licensed, because you could face legal issues, or get into a bad accident without the knowledge/endorsements you need to properly tackle the road. In order to obtain this knowledge, you’ll need to pass written and skill based tests that are administered by your state’s licensing agency to be properly prepared.

Practice makes Perfect

Riding a motorcycle takes balance, focus, and most importantly, practice. Each individual motorcycle handles slightly different, so getting to know your ride is very important. When your first getting into your comfort zone, try riding in controlled, less busy areas that you know very well before tackling busy roads or going exploring.

Safety Check

Since it is motorcycle safety month, it only makes sense that we address motorcycle safety checks. Before you hit the road, you should always check your tire pressure and tread depth, both your hand and foot breaks, your headlights, your signal indicators, and finally, your fluid levels. You should also be aware of any gas/oil leaks by checking under the motorcycle, and if you’re carrying anything with you, be sure to balance the load on the cycle with the extra weight.

Gear Up

Yes, whenever you hit the road on your motorcycle, you should always wear the proper protection. If you ever get into a serious accident, a helmet can save your life. Be sure to always wear a helmet, and look for a DOT symbol on the backs of helmets you’re interested in buying to ensure they are extra safe. Your arms and legs should also be completely covered during your ride, by wearing leather or heavy denim. Boots and shoes should be high enough to cover your ankles as well, and gloves can help you with getting better grip to maintain control of your bike.

No Drugs, No Alcohol

Our last tip for motorcycle safety month is that you never let drugs or alcohol impair your judgement while on the road. Under the influence, your coordination, balance, throttle control or ability to shift gears can all be thrown off. The same goes for prescription drugs. If you’re under the influence, you shouldn’t be on the road, period.

We hope these tips help you to stay safe. Although, remember, if something unfortunate were to happen, insurance can help you stay free from worry in the end. If you have any questions on your motorcycle insurance policy or you’d like a free quote, feel free to reach out to one of our professional, licensed, insurance agents today.

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