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Are you a Tolland CT resident in search of a better insurance agency? Paradiso Insurance insures thousands of individuals, families, and business owners throughout the state of Connecticut. If you live in Tolland, we can help with all of your personal, and commercial insurance needs.

We take a consultative approach with each client, because each client is different. There are no cookie-cutter policies sold through our agency.

Home & Auto Insurance in Tolland

Did you know that approximately 60%+ of Connecticut homeowners are inadequately insured? Through the years, we’ve uncovered multiple, and significant coverage issues with homeowners & auto policies in Tolland, and other parts of Connecticut.

We’ve seen homeowners policies missing replacement cost coverage, with super high deductibles, and inadequate coverage limits for the dwelling and personal property. We’ve seen auto policies sold with state-minimum coverage limits, for clients who have significant assets to protect.

This is due to a combination of things, including insurance carriers changing their contracts over time, as well as unethical insurance agents who knowingly sell lesser coverage to keep your rates lower.

The bottom line is, if you want the correct coverage for your home & autos, we WILL get the job done for you. Paying a rock bottom rate with harmfully low coverage limits defeats the entire purpose of buying insurance to begin with.

Paradiso Insurance will find you the best combination of cost, and coverage, for your unique risk profile, so you can rest assured that your assets are properly protected.

Tolland CT Insurance Agent

Although our agency is physically located in Stafford Springs, we can insure anyone who lives in Connecticut, and have many happy customers in Tolland who have been with our agency for decades.

Being a 100% independent insurance agency allows us to proactively shop your policies with a number of different insurance carriers. Not only does this save you hours of time, but it ensures you’re getting the best coverage possible, at the best rate possible.

How to get started with Paradiso Insurance

If you live in the Tolland area, and would like us to help find you better insurance, you can either call our office directly, or fill out our quote form to get started. A member of our team will reach out promptly to assist you with the process. It’s very simple, and takes just minutes.