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Did you know that February is National Wedding Month? If a wedding is in your future then a plan to protect it should be as well.

While you are preparing and getting ready for the big day, the first thing on your mind probably isn’t insurance. Your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception take months to plan for, and something like event insurance will protect you if the unexpected happens during these events.

At Paradiso Insurance, we work with you to make sure you have the best coverage at the best price, this way if a situation does arise your wedding day isn’t ruined.

Protect Your Wedding with Wedding Insurance

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Event insurance doesn’t cover everything though, and differs from actual wedding insurance, which protects you when situations arise the day of your wedding such as:

Inclement Weather

Your wedding date is often planned months and months in advance, however, what if your special day was cancelled due to severe or inclement weather? Something such as a hurricane or a blizzard can cause transportation delays and venues to shut down. This is unfortunate when you’ve already invested a lot of time and money into your wedding. However, with wedding insurance you’re covered and even reimbursed for your losses in the event mother nature cancels your wedding.

Transportation Issues

Transportation issues can happen at any time, regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, if you or your wedding party cannot attend the wedding due to commercial transportation breaking down, you’ll receive reimbursement.


Another factor you can’t control is illness. Unfortunately, this can and does happen, and whether you or a wedding party member have to postpone the big day due to illness, wedding insurance can reimburse any lost expenses due to an illness that delays or postpones your big day.


The attire is very important for any wedding and can be quite expensive, especially for the bride. Unfortunately, dresses can get ripped, stained, or even catch on fire before and during the big day. The good news is that with wedding insurance covers the cost of attire repairs and replacement.

Vendor Coverage

Vendor coverage is something you might not even think about until it happens to you. Venues, caterers, florists, photographers, performers, DJs, and bakers can all go out of business unexpectedly – even if you put down a deposit for their services. What are you supposed to do if they closed for good? Wedding insurance ensures the money you spent gets returned to you.

Additionally, if a vendor fails to show up the day of, you’re covered for those losses, too. Imagine paying for a wedding cake, only to have one not arrive at your reception. Plus, if a venue you booked shuts down or becomes unavailable- where do you go for your reception? If you’ve already spent money on a venue, and have to spend more on another one it can be quite frustrating. However, with wedding insurance you’ll be reimbursed by the difference in cost for your last minute replacement.

Liquor Liability Coverage

Liquor liability is also a big factor at any wedding and in the event one of your guests slips and falls, injures themselves, or causes damage – you are responsible. Rowdy guests aren’t something you probably want to worry about on your wedding day. However, with wedding insurance, the irresponsibility of certain guests won’t fall directly on you.

Gift Damage

Everyone at the wedding will give the couple-to-be a gift, but what happens if someone accidently knocks over a gift or spills wine and and damages it? This can happen, and is also covered under wedding insurance.

Ring Damage

Similar to gifts, rings can also get damaged or lost on the big day, too. If this happens, you’ll be reimbursed for the expenses of repair or replacement.

Photo Damage

Wedding photos are always a special part of the big day, letting you and your spouse relive the moment time and time again. However, if something went wrong that caused your photos to be lost, corrupted, or destroyed, you’ll be covered for the cost of retaking them.

Military Members

At Paradiso Insurance, we have the utmost respect for our troops and Veterans, and understand when things arise. If your spouse to be has to leave for active duty, causing the wedding to be postponed, you’ll be covered.

When you consider the average cost of a wedding today, the cost of wedding insurance doesn’t compare to the expenses you won’t be covered for if a problem arises. So, before you send out your invitations, make sure you talk to one of our licensed insurance agents today!

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