• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s the time of the season for beautiful summer weddings.  This is a day in your life, probably one of the most important of your life, that everything needs to go according to plan in order for the day to be a successful and memorable time.  But what happens if the cameraman doesn’t show up the day of your wedding and you have to book another at an outrageous price? What if your dream venue for the reception is completely paid for but then goes out of business a week before your big day?  These crises are very realistic and could definitely happen to you and your loved one.  In order to avoid taking out a loan to pay for those last-minute emergency purchases, wedding insurance is definitely for you. 

Any wedding is a big investment, so you should be aware of common problems that can arise.  In case anything happens on your day, investing in wedding insurance allows you the peace of mind to know you are taken care of.  Below are the most common issues that occur in preparation of a wedding:

  1. Bridal Shops Cut The Dress Manufacturer Labels Off Wedding Gowns
  2.  Overseas Diamond Jewelry Stores Lie About Diamond Quality and Guarantees
  3.  Bridal Shops Sell Used or Damaged Wedding Gowns as New
  4.  Bridal Shops Lie About Being An Authorized Reseller for Your Wedding Gown
  5.  Limousine Service Doesn’t Show Up Or Has Wrong Vehicle
  6.  Musician Does Not Show Up To Your Wedding
  7.  Wedding Studios Bait & Switch Photographers, Don’t Produce Photos As Promised
  8.  Wedding Disc Jockey Does Not Provide Services As Promised
  9.  Florists Short Change The Number Of Flowers In Your Centerpieces
  10. Diamond Jewelers Switch Your Diamond During Cleaning

No one wants their weeding day to be memorable for what went wrong.  They want the day to be the best of their lives.  To achieve the peace of mind and avoid the unnecessary stress, wedding insurance is the smart decision for any couple.  So go ahead- dance down the aisle and throw that bouquet.  If you and your loved one takes the proper precautions, then your day with be one for the ages.