Wedding Insurance

You’ve found Mr. or Ms. Right. Not too long ago, one of you popped the question. And the other said, “Yes!” That’s when the real fun begins. Thoughts turn from romance to everything from venues and caterers and the rehearsal dinner to gowns, tuxes and who will be in the wedding party. There’s so much to plan when you get married. But there’s a whole lot more to deal with than just the ceremony and events surrounding it.


What about protecting your new, post-wedding life together? We’ve got the answer. Paradiso Insurance is pleased to offer a comprehensive and affordable insurance package designed especially for engaged couples and newlyweds as they start their combined life journey. The Newlywed Package features auto insurance, life insurance, a personal umbrella, and home or renters coverage. On top of that, the Newlywed Package policy also includes special wedding insurance to help ensure that your special day goes smoothly.


But you already have insurance, right? Yes. But like toasters and televisions, you may well have two of everything. When you’re “joined together,” your insurance needs to be, as well. That’s where we can help. We’ll look at what insurance protection each of you brings to the table and see how we can streamline your various coverages. We’ll explore the best way to insure your cars, of course. But we’ll also look at the renters or homeowners policies you already have—you do have them, right?—and find the right option to protect that place that together you will call home.


Depending on your needs, we may explore whether an umbrella policy makes sense. And we’ll look at the many, many great insurance companies we represent here in Connecticut to see which offers exactly the protection you need and to identify any discounts that might be available. On top of that, we’ll explore your life insurance needs and include policies that protect you “for better or worse.”


Many of our newlywed neighbors have found that our Newlywed Package is a great way to help them start saving and budgeting wisely together. They’ve also found how much easier it is to have all of their insurance policies under one roof. They just need to make one call to get the great customer service our local insurance agency professionals offer.


We know how exciting your special day will be. We also know how hectic things are in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding. And we know the many changes that come with tying the knot. That’s because many of us have been there ourselves.


So why not leave this part—the insurance protection part—of planning your lives together to us, the team at Paradiso Insurance, and see how our Newlywed Package can provide a solid foundation for you as you together pursue The American Dream. Give us a call, complete the online quote request form on this page, or pay us a visit at our Main Street Stafford office. We can’t wait to see that beautiful engagement ring. And we’ll make sure you have that insured, as well! All our best for a great life together!!

Coverages to Consider

Classic Car

Paradiso Insurance knows that your antique or collector car is an important element of your personal achievement of The American Dream. We can help protect the car of your dreams.

Home Insurance

The saying is true: Home is where the heart is. It’s also true that home is where accidents happen. Paradiso Insurance professionals are ready to help you protect your home.

Life Insurance

The professionals at Paradiso Insurance are well versed in all aspects of life insurance and we’re ready to help you research options and weigh the pros and cons of each.

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If you give us a little information about you, we can start protecting your American Dream. 

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