• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Alright, so it looks like (hopefully) Spring time is here, as temps seem to be heading into the fifties for the remainder of the week and into next week.  And there’s really something majestic about spring time, as nature awakens once again from the cold (especially this past winter!) and snow-covered ground, and the grass begins to grow once more and the flowers rear their heads from their winter slumber.  And did we mention that golf season is upon us once again?! Okay… getting way off topic.

But one of the most joyous aspects of spring time is that with the warmer weather comes weddings, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great wedding?  These momentous occasions bring together two people and two families, united in love and cheer.  Overtime though, these days have become quite the event, with every detail being closely chosen… and paid for.  That’s right, if you read yesterday’s blog, then you learned that the average price for a wedding in America is just shy of $30,000!  So with all of the spending on one important day, it’s probably a smart decision to have that financial investment covered through a special (and inexpensive!) policy known as CT wedding insurance.

In it’s basic form, ct wedding insurance covers the expenses laid out for the wedding and can reimburse you for any losses that might occur leading up to (or heaven forbid, the day of) the wedding.  And, as many of you are well aware, there’s a lot of planning involved in weddings, but it’s the execution of those plans that really makes a good wedding into a great wedding.  And if that execution falters on the big day, like for instance the groom’s custom- made tux gets ruined at the cleaners and he has to get a rush-order new one (costing a significant pretty penny), that cost will be taken care of through the ct wedding insurance policy.

Come back tomorrow to find out more details and certain scenarios that are included and covered in a CT wedding insurance policy.