• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Keeping with the warm weather theme we have going currently, we can’t help but think about beautiful weddings with this beautiful weather.  The daywhen two people come together with families and friends to celebrate their love is a very special time.  And this day becomes that much better when the sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the weather is the perfect temperature.

Now while weddings are some of the most joyous and entertaining occasions that we attend and can be a part of, the planning that goes into making a wedding the absolute perfect day can be extremely time consuming and a little stressful.  There’s A LOT that goes into planning a wedding: the wedding ceremony location, the reception location, the food, the wine, the place settings, the invitations, the engagement parties… you get the idea.  That’s why a CT wedding insurance policy can come in really helpful.  

Unfortunately though, these weddings seem to be focusing more and more on the extravagance of the party rather than the celebration of love between the couple.  But in any event, the increasing expense of these celebrations has increased the risk in something going wrong, like a hurricane that completely ruins the reception location a week before the big day. If you don’t have wedding insurance, then that money spent goes right down the drain.  But with the coverage, you don’t loose that investment.   

Here’s some of the other things that CT wedding insurance will cover you for: 

-Lost deposits on a host of different costs

-A cancellation or postponement from the church, the reception area, or even a location wedding that falls through

.-issues with photographer and/or videographer

-wedding attire accidents: the dress gets ruined a few days before the wedding and you need a quick, and expensive, replacement.

-Lost or stolen jewelry: the RING… enough said.

So hopefully all of these items that go into planning a wedding will have you thinking about CT wedding insurance. Don’t let a lost deposit, a closed location, or a loss dress ruin your wedding day.  Let Paradiso Insurance help you cover your special day for this spring or summer!