• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yesterday, couples everywhere celebrated the day of love and devotion known as Valentine’s Day.  While some believe that Valentine’s Day is superficial and created to sell greeting cards, others thoroughly cherish this day as an annual time to give thanks for those whom we love most. 

For some very special couples, Valentine’s Day creates the perfect romantic setting for one of the biggest moments in any couple’s life- the proposal.  Once the questions’s out of the way and she’s said yes (hopefully), the wedding planning can be a very enjoyable, yet stressful time in any couple’s young life.  That’s why investing in a CT wedding insurance policy is the best thing a couple can purchase.  These grandiose weddings that seem to be occurring more and more recently cost a pretty penny, and that’s why having coverage for such expensive and elaborate events like a wedding is vital to ensure all the money isn’t wasted.   

Here’s some of the things that CT wedding insurance will cover you for: 

-A cancellation or postponement

-Lost deposits

-issues with photographer and/or videographer

-wedding attire accidents (gown and suits/tuxedos)

-Lost or stolen jewelry

We want every couple to experience the wedding of their dreams, so that’s why having a CT wedding insurance policy from Paradiso Insurance is crucial to making that day come true.  With this policy, if something happens last minute, you know that it will be taken care of and the cost will be covered.  Any other questions? Give us a call! 860 684-5270