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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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On Saturday December 3, our insurance agency took an incredible trip to New York City. Not only did we get to see what New York had to offer, but we also had a chance to pay our respects by visiting the newly built 9/11 memorial. This experience was breathtaking and emotional.


As an agency located within a pretty small town, the experience to see the beautiful city of New York up close and personal was definitely worthwhile.


Moreover, it was surreal to be where the towers once had been and see the One World Trade Center on our walk to the memorial. It stood out among all of Manhattan and represented the stronghold of American perseverance and fortitude shining bright against the December sky.



Before entrance into the actual museum there was a beautiful water fountain dedicated to the victims and families of this tragedy. The memorial was carefully engraved with the thousands of names of firefighters, workers, and innocent people who were lost on September 11th, 2001.


The museum itself had many different floors, one floor of which held the original flag that was raised right after the terror attacks.


Additionally, when you first gain access to the museum you notice a giant beam that was once a part of the original outside structure of the tower.



What were the most emotionally rocking bits of the museum? Well, besides being in the original structure, seeing the bits of historical pieces frozen in time really triggered some heavy emotions.



The one piece of glass that remained after attack.



A bent support beam.



A fire truck after the attacks.



And finally, a giant beam that had been covered with messages of hope, love, and remembrance to FDNY and NYPD alike.


It was incredible and emotionally unveiling to see all of this first hand. To even be around the original foundation that had once supported the original tower, words could not describe the intensity one feels being in there. To see the original beams, to think this is where people used to work, a space that used to be a part of daily lives. We’re all extremely grateful for this experience to see and remember the 9/11 memorial. Never forget what happened that day and never forget the countless men and women who gave their lives to rescue others. Do you remember where you were during the 9/11 attacks or have had any similar New York experiences? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.