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Connecticut Dwelling Fire Insurance

As a rental property owner, you play an important role in helping people find and secure a decent, affordable place to live at various stages of their lives. You’ve made an investment that helps your tenants pursue their dreams, of course, but it also helps you build for your future.


But what if something goes wrong? What happens if a renter leaves a pan on an open flame and fire erupts? Or what do you do if a garage is damaged when unattended rags combust or, perhaps, the building is struck by lightning?


Don’t look to your personal insurance for relief. Your homeowners policy, for example, won’t cover the costs associated with rebuilding or repairing your rental property. To be adequately protected, you need a dwelling fire policy. And that’s something the team at Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services can help you with.


A Connecticut dwelling fire insurance policy offers protection when you’re not concerned about getting coverage for the contents of the property. With a rental property, you probably don’t keep possessions there, so the full protection that a homeowners policy would provide really isn’t necessary. Nor is the expense of over-insuring your rental property with a standard homeowners policy.


For the most part, you just want to make sure the structure is covered. The Connecticut dwelling fire insurance we offer covers the structure, its foundation and its interior, as well as unattached associated property, such as a garage or barn. The rental property coverage also includes protection against various liability claims that might arise over time.


At Paradiso Insurance, we recognize that your rental property is a part of your income and your livelihood, so it’s important to you that you protect your investment. Our local insurance agency has been helping rental property owners in our local communities for years and years. We understand the risks. We understand the various potential gaps that could exist. And we understand how to address them.


Fortunately for you, we make selecting a rental property insurance policy pretty easy. We go through all the details of your property with you, and then we decide together which policy will work best for your situation. After that, we shop our top-rated insurance company partners to find the right coverage for you at the right price.


The nice thing about working with a local insurance agency like Paradiso Insurance is you’re not a number to us. You’re important to us. And we appreciate you and your business. We work hard to make sure you know that. People tell us all the time that they feel like family. And that’s how we will treat you—before, during and, most importantly, after the sale.


Our team of knowledgeable professionals at Paradiso Insurance looks forward to providing you with friendly, expert customer service and helpful advice any time you need it. Don’t run the risk of losing your rental property investment to fire damage. Stop by our office, give us a call, or simply fill out our free Connecticut dwelling fire insurance quote form today!

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