If you’re like most farmers, your farm or ranch is your livelihood and your home. In today’s evolving agricultural environment, you want to make sure you have the most comprehensive farm & ranch insurance available.

At Paradiso Insurance, we specialize in protecting farms and crops of all shapes and sizes, including livestock, farming tractors & related equipment. Through our exclusive Agricultural Team, and robust insurance programs, we can offer flexible coverage and premiums that other agencies & carriers simply can’t.

Best Farm Insurance

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A question we get frequently from prospects is “Who has the best farm insurance?” Of course, the answer can be subjective. There are a lot of factors that go into farm insurance. The carrier, the agency, and the contract(s) all play a major role in the quality of coverage, service, and most importantly, claims situations.

It’s important for a farmer to have confidence in their coverage. Should fire destroy a massive crop, or livestock perish to serious illness, it would be a significant financial loss for the farm, and could potentially put some smaller farmers out of business. Unless of course, they have the correct farm insurance coverage in place.

Farm & Ranch Insurance Coverage

There are many different coverages and endorsements that make up a quality farm insurance package. From property and liability, to farm insurance riders like animal suffocation, contaminated milk coverage, and livestock blizzard coverage, it takes an experienced agent like Paradiso Insurance to uncover the exact needs and exposures a farm has, so proper coverage can be placed.

Property Coverages

Coverage A – Dwelling: Coverage for any dwellings, materials and supplies to repair or alter, and building equipment, fixtures, and outdoor equipment.

Coverage B – Private Structures: Includes 10 percent of Cov. A for private structures used in conjunction with a dwelling.

Coverage C – Personal Property: Includes 70 percent of Cov. A available for personal property and effects you own, property in a storage facility, and property while traveling or staying at a secondary residence.

Coverage D – Loss of Use: Includes 30 percent of Cov. A for covered losses for additional living expenses, fair rental value, and loss and expense due to emergency prohibition against occupancy.

Coverage O – Farm Outbuildings and Structures: structures used in the farming operation, which include permanently attached equipment and mechanicals. Versatile coverage for all different types of structures such as portable huts/structures, greenhouses, hoop buildings, corrals, pens, chutes, etc.

Coverage E – Blanket Farm Personal Property: Ability to cover all your farm equipment, animals, grain, hay, tools, tack, supplies, and materials in one lump sum. Coinsurance requirements of 80% of total value applies.

Coverage F – Scheduled Farm Personal Property: Ability to schedule only the farm personal property you desire to insure or those items ineligible under Cov. E. Specifically lists each item on the policy.

Comprehensive Farm Liability Insurance

Coverage G – Farm Personal Liability: Covers for a claim made or suit brought against an insured for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury caused by an occurrence.

Coverage H – Medical Payments to Others: Pays for necessary medical expenses incurred or medically ascertained due to an accident causing bodily injury.

Coverage I – Farm Employers Liability: Claim made or suit is brought against you due to bodily injury to a farm employee. This is an optional coverage and not available in every state.

Coverage J – Farm Employees’ Medical Payments: Pay the necessary medical expenses from bodily injury to a farm employee. This is an optional coverage and not available in every state.

Farm Insurance Riders

As mentioned, there are a variety of riders that can be included in a policy package to further increase the quality of coverage for farm owners. A few popular riders include:

  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Christmas Tree operations coverage
  • Hunting & Fishing coverage
  • Equine Liability coverage
  • and many more

Farm Insurance Discounts

Because our agency is 100% independent, we can shop and compare your farm insurance policies with a wide range of farm insurance companies. This ensures you always get the absolute best coverage, at the best rate. Luckily, there are several premium discounts that farm owners may qualify for to further reduce their annual premiums, including:

  • Backup Generator discount
  • Financial Stability discount
  • Fortified Certification discount
  • Multi-Policy discount
  • Protective Devices discount
  • Smart Home/Outbuilding discount

Farm Insurance Quotes From Actual Farmers


If you own or run a farm and need quality farm insurance coverage, we’d love the opportunity to provide you with multiple estimates. As a matter of fact, our in-house farm insurance specialist, Ross, is actually a farmer himself. It’s true! We talk the talk, and walk the walk. Ross is a true expert with farm insurance, and can offer additional insights that help you run your farm operation stronger!

Complete the quick form on this page to get the process started, and a Ross will reach out to assist you further. The process is extremely easy. We look forward to helping you with your farm insurance needs.