"Paradiso takes time to build a relationship with its customers. The team at Paradiso care about you and your company, and they strive to help you succeed by encouraging safe and best practices in the industry. Great communicators and hard workers. It is abundantly clear why Paradiso is best in class in insurance!"
Andrew T., customer since 2021
"Been working with Paradiso for a relatively short period of time. Could not be more happy with the service at every level. Brian, Erika, and others respond VERY quickly to phone calls and emails. Whenever something is needed, someone is quick to reply and help out. While I appreciate the cost savings as well, receiving great service in the end is even more important."
 Erick S., customer since 2022
"A live person answers the phone. We get answers the same day. Can call anytime weekday or weekend. Solutions are always given or looked for."
 Sylvester P., customer since 2014
"Your man Stephen Dusza provided more insight and useful information in two conversations than I received from my existing insurance provider in eleven years!"
 Andrew K., customer since 2022
"Your customer service and attention to details is second to none. You do what you say you will do and that is a rare commodity in today's business world."
 Dana P., customer since 2016
"Anytime I have issues, I message Brin O’Connor and he immediately helps me out. His team is also very helpful too! I’m very glad I made the switch over from Protective all those years ago, I've saved a lot of money. Luke Sanger James J. Miner Inc."
 Luke S., customer since 2022
"Being with someone that cares about saving you money and improving your program is a nice change from other companies."
 Michael P. Customer since 2020
"Paradiso knows and understands the business and is very easy to reach out to with questions."
 Yuri P., customer since 2017
"I liked the fact that I never felt pressured and was given ample time to make the right decision for our insurance needs."
 Boris S. Customer since 2020
"Paradiso is one of the few insurance companies that I've worked with who say what they are going to do for you and then do it. Always. Without question the best group of people I've ever worked with."
 Dana P., customer since 2016
"Specialists are fast and have knowledge of everything you that you need help with."
 Kevin R. Customer since 2020
"You didn't give up on me! You chased me down and forced me to save thousands on my insurance. The money you saved me enabled my business to contribute to a healthcare plan for my employees (and then some)."
 Jennifer M., customer since 2021
"I have been with Paradiso for the last few years. Great customer service. Love that I can pick up a phone & call Stephen & get an immediate answer rather than calling a 1-800 # & talking to someone different every time. Stephen is very professional and a pleasure to deal with, always has the answers for me and is quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. This is one reason I remain a loyal Paradiso customer. Good Rates on my insurance needs. Highly recommend Paradiso for all your insurance needs."
 Mahmood U., customer since 2019
"Good rates and excellent service. Highly recommend it!!"
 Sylwia O., customer since 2019
"Very well-run organization. They are on top of their game and when you ask a question, they get an answer and fast. They work each year to put you with the best carrier and with the right rates. I have peace of mind being with Paradiso Insurance!"
 Charles P., customer since 2020
"It’s the ability to call or text an agent and I actually get to talk to someone without delay. I get the answers and updates on issues in a timely manner. Customer service is excellent."
 Steven I. Customer since 2018
"I don’t have any problems, I think everything works great, good communication with all the people that we deal with day in and day out. Just being honest, trustworthy, and your staff is great."
 Clint C., customer since 2015
"Well, your staff is helpful and prompt. Services for auto policies and workers comp insurance are both excellent. The staff is committed and loyal, and dependable. Pricing on policies is excellent."
 John R., customer since 2021
"We purchased a company that has insurance through Paradiso. So, as to not rock the boat, we maintained the Company's insurance. In all the times that I have needed assistance, Brian, Erika, and others have been very prompt in helping with whatever is needed. I'm one of those consumers who don't mind paying for good service. With Paradiso, I could not be more pleased. Thank you again to Brian, Erika, and the others behind the scenes."
 Erick S., customer since 2022
"Paradiso is a very personable, highly communicative company-exactly what every business wants and needs."
 Steve D., customer since 2021
"Offer a group plan to save on workers comp insurance , work hard to oversee claims to help identify and reduce abuse / stay active with open claims to ensure progress."
 Anthony B. Customer since 2020
"The group we work with at Paradiso is mainly Brian O'Connor, Harry Levesque, and Erika Gianinoto. The timely response to all questions/comments/concerns we have is why we will never leave Paradiso. Your team treats us like family and is always available to help us. Thank you so much for all the help over the years."
 Shawn M., customer since 2014
"Very knowledgeable, very professional, honest. Took the time to answer all my questions. Brian made me feel that I didn't want to look elsewhere for insurance. I felt confident after 1 conversation."
 Stephen B., customer since 2022
"Brian has always been very involved in all our of insurance needs and I feel like he really cares about our success."
 Adam R., customer since 2020
"The people at Paradiso are always available for any needs that may arise. I like that I have direct contact with my agent at all times and he response back in a timely manner. Paradiso Insurance looks out for my business and puts my interests first. Hard to find an insurance agent that doesn't look at you as a number. Thank you!"
 Steven Ilnicki, customer since 2014
"Brian O'Connor and his team does an outstanding job! Thank you!"
 Luke Sanger, customer since 2018
"Great customer service. Entire team is always friendly and helpful."
 Eric Roberts, customer since 2014
"The Paradiso staff is always responsive and always aware of the unique needs that our business has. They're more than a brokerage, they're a valued business partner."
Yuri Popovich JR, customer since 2017
"Stephen Dusza and the team at Paradiso have been a huge help in managing my company's insurance. Insurance costs and are down 35% with their help, and I've learned more about Workman's Comp with them in the last year than I had in the previous ten years with my old carrier. Support is also first rate when issues or claims arise."
Andrew King, customer since 2022
"Great rates, easy to navigate payment system (pay as you go)."
Arthur Mroczko, customer since 2018
"It's great opportunity for us having you on board doing business, we congratulate you very much for your continued efforts and support and our continued commitment to continue doing business with you. "
Mohammad Yousef, customer since 2020
"With working with the entire team at Paradiso I feel like they all have our best interests in mind all the time. They take the time to explain the process and why it's that way also. As of late I found out that the team has no problem helping and training a new manager that I have. You didn't make him or I feel like it was an inconvenience that we needed to help him out with the process in his new role. Thank you so much for all the help and great advice given to us all the time "
Jason Wilsey, customer since 2017
"The Paradiso Team consistently exceeds our expectations on service, communication and follow-up. They are amazing to work with and we are thrilled to have them as a part of our team."
Debora Kenny, customer since 2021
"Really appreciated the help navigating all of the requirements for getting our FedEx Group contracting business up and running. The process was quick and painless and the guidance on workers comp saved us a ton of money. I've had a lot of questions and requests and there's always someone on email or the phone to address my needs promptly. "
Sarah Whitlock, customer since 2023
"Best customer service around. People are great to speak with via phone and even better in person."
Greg Brothers, customer since 2021
"Harry, Erika and the entire staff make us a priority when we need some help with a problem. It really makes you feel good and like you care about my business when I'm treated this way. I know in the big picture I'm not much to Paradiso but you wouldn't know that with as well as I'm taken care of."
Shawn Mcallister, customer since 2014
"So far we have been very pleased with the service that has been provided by Paradiso. There has been lots of info and personal attention provided to us that we did not have with our previous workers comp provider."
Samuel Foulds, customer since 2023
"Both Brian's did a great job explaining and taking time to set me up with Paradiso in a very limited time frame."
Robert Burnett, customer since 2023
"Trevor is always professional and is always looking our for me."
Michael Goldstein, customer since 2022
"Very responsive and professional organization. A vendor that "feels like a partner" that understands the Final Mile business."
Ronald Levine, customer since 2018
"Excellent Customer Service."
Mahmood Ulhasan, customer since 2019
"Everyone is always very helpful, informative, and prompt in their service. You have a great staff!"
Cheryl De Armond-Smith, customer since 2021
"You're all about the service. Always recognizing we are running a business and not only does that make us busy but we have to guard every dollar. You operate as our insurance expert and keep us protected at all times which is very essence of what insurance is about. Thank you for allowing us to sleep at night"
Brian Cohan, customer since 2021
"Paradiso team, Brian O and Mhari are always on top of everything. Quick responses and action shows commitment to customer success."
Syed Ali, customer since 2023
"I personally do not know much about insurance and anyone that I talk to on the team is ready and willing to explain and help. The communication is top notch"
Jason Wilsey, customer since 2022
"I believe that in terms of your auto and workers comp claims management the service I receive has been excellent! Erika G in particular has been prompt and engaging in whatever problems that occur during the premium year."
John Riley, customer since 2021
"Great customer service with very strong follow up until each task was completed fully. Impressive is the word that comes to mind when dealing with Brian & Mhari and the whole Paradiso team. Appreciate the help!"
Kayla Ruck, customer since 2023
"Great customer service! Quick response on all emails if I have to call somebody always picks up."
Stephen Booker, customer since 2022
"Your people are always friendly and knowledgeable."
Andrew Fuller, customer since 2016
"Everyone at Paradiso is very responsive when I call and they take care of any requests more quickly than I could ever expect."
Jennifer Morrison, customer since 2021
"Great communication and great customer support, I never waited too long to be assisted."
Sandoval Pereira, customer since 2020
"Stephen and Tracy are always good at communicating with us. If they do not have the answers on hand they find the answers and get them back to us."
Jason Sairls, customer since 2022
"Paradiso is our silent business partner! They save money for us, year after year, getting us better rate wherever possible. The support staff is phenomenal."
Debora Kenny, customer since 2021
"The Paradiso team is always very responsive and courteous. I get what I need in a timely manner."
Sarah Whitlock, customer since 2023
"You always treat us like we are your most important customer and that goes along way."
Shawn Mcallister, customer since 2014
"Simply put, service continues to be a 10 or 11  all the time. I'm a business owner who would rather have great service and pay more than simply shop price."
Erick Spronck, customer since 2022
"Team from Paradiso always go extra mile to work with us."
Monika Wojcik, customer since 2021
"Very attentive and helpful. Every process was explained clear and with details."
Juan Vidal, customer since 2023
"Onboarding was a very smooth process."
Robert Burnett, customer since 2023
"Very responsive with great guidance and communication."
Rahul Gaiki, customer since 2022
"Communication: Prompt response to our needs."
Steve Davis, customer since 2021
"Our renewal process was seamless and quick. You made it easy and gave us one less thing to worry about! Thank you!"
Lisa Steed, customer since 2022
"Great communication and customer service!"
Daniel Shepard, customer since 2023
"Great customer service!"
Saul Lerma, customer since 2020
"Amazing consistent customer service!!!"
Kayla Ruck, customer since 2023
"Great customer service!! I never have to leave a message or try calling back. My calls are always answered the on the first attempt. Emails are usually responded to within an hour."
Molly Booker, customer since 2022
"Excellent rates, easy to report payroll for Workers Comp. Hassel free audits."
Arthur Mroczko, customer since 2018
"There's a genuine "comfort" when you need to call something in. It does not matter who answers the phone, they will confidently work with you to get the correct solution. And when I get Elisabeth Anderson on the phone, I just sit back and smile, knowing the "is there anything else I can do for you?" at the end of the call really won't need to be asked."
Adam Doyle, customer since 2022
"Brian and Harry do an amazing job shopping for Workers Comp insurance for us to save expenses. Keisha does an amazing job helping us stay on top of open WC claims. The customer service from Erika for managing our fleet auto insurance is friendly and responsive every time."
Greg Brothers, customer since 2021
"Always able to help, very easy to talk to someone when you have a question."
Robert Burnett, customer since 2023