Mature Driver Insurance

As a seasoned citizen, you’ve spent a great deal of time and energy achieving The American Dream. Along the way, you’ve gained experience and insight, and you’ve developed a track record of responsibility. As you find new enjoyment in the later years of life, you deserve to be rewarded for your years of success with mature driver insurance.

Rewarding Auto Insurance With Mature Driver Insurance

One area you can reap the rewards of your life experience is with your auto insurance. As an older driver, you probably are safer than most others on the road. Your hindsight and experience have prepared you to face today’s behind-the-wheel challenges and make better driving decisions.

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To make sure you get the most from your automobile insurance dollar, the team of trained professionals at Paradiso Insurance offers special programs for mature drivers. Among the features of our programs are non-cancelable policy waivers and accident forgiveness. At the foundation of each of these is a solid track record of safe driving.

The Best Insurance Policies For Mature Drivers

Some of the great companies we work with will agree to not cancel your policy or will offer a one-time pass if you have an accident on an otherwise claim-free record. The team of insurance professionals at Paradiso Insurance will make sure you’re aware of these options and work to get you the best policies with these and other great benefits.

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There are other ways we help reward safe and cautious drivers. For instance, as a local, independent insurance agency we have access to a wide range of top-notch insurance companies and can shop for the best mature driver insurance policies and find the valuable premium discounts that come with them.


Some companies offer automatic discounts, based on age, starting at or near your fiftieth birthday and increasing every five years. Some offer discounts if you take a driving safety course and become a certified mature driver. Other companies offer discounts for being a loyal customer and renewing your policy.

Save Even More Money By Bundling

You can save even more if you bundle policies—home, auto and umbrella, for instance—or insure more than one vehicle with one carrier. We may be able to find a “new customer” discount if it makes sense to switch companies. Or we may be able to save you money if you don’t drive very much, if you agree to pay your premium in full up front, or if you drive a safe or low-risk vehicle.


As a local insurance agency, we’re part of the community and we understand the environment in which you live. As an independent agency, we aren’t limited to one company’s products. Instead, we can access a broad range of insurers and coverages to meet your specific needs.


We’re trained professionals and we’re here for you and all of our other neighbors. So stop by our Main Street office, have a cup of coffee, and chat with us. The better we understand your personal situation, the better job we can do to find you the mature driver car insurance program that’s right for you at the best possible price.

Give us a call or use the quote form to get the process going. We look forward to helping you get your maturity working for you!

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