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At Paradiso Insurance, we believe that anyone can improve their lives and those of their families. That’s at the heart of The American Dream. You work hard. You create a home. You have a family. Things are going well. Until they’re not. That’s why you can trust our Connecticut Insurance Agents

What do you do when catastrophe strikes? Or an accident happens? Or you’re victimized in some way? How do you protect what you’ve built? That’s where insurance comes in.

Connecticut Insurance Agents You Can Trust

Perhaps you’ve just moved out on your own. We can help you protect your belongings and income with renters insurance. Maybe you just got your first car. Paradiso Insurance has a wide range of top-notch auto insurance companies to choose from, so we’ll make sure you get the best possible coverage without spending too much money.


What about when family comes along? How would your loved ones deal with the devastating financial impact of a bread-winner’s untimely death or disability? Life insurance or other protection—and even solid estate planning—come into play here. How do you protect your home, belongings and wealth? Homeowners or condo insurance—and perhaps an umbrella policy—can help.

Connecticut Insurance Agents That Grow With You

Over time, you achieve greater success and you may find yourself buying an RV, a boat, or that ’66 Mustang or other collectible car you’ve dreamed about for years. We have access to specialized insurance products to protect these and your other valuable assets. We even have access to a wide range of insurance companies that offer protection for everything from snowmobiles to weddings to risks associated with hiring contractors for home improvement projects.


As a local, independent insurance agency, our goal is to help our neighbors address the risks associated with pursuing and achieving The American Dream. We take the time to understand you and your particular needs. Then we tailor an insurance program that addresses potential gaps and covers exactly what you need covered. Then, we shop the best insurance companies available to find the policy or policies that are just right for you at the right price. We’re all about helping families and individuals protect the very things for which they’ve worked so hard.

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We are your neighbors, so we understand the risks you face on a personal level. We face them, too. More than neighbors, though, our team likes to think of our customers as family. When you need something, you are our top priority. You’ll have our undivided attention. And if you do need to file a claim, we’ll be there to help you all the through the process.


Don’t be fooled. We understand that insurance may not be a product many folks are eager to think about. And we certainly know that you don’t want to worry about every possible thing that could go wrong. That’s why we’re here. We know your risks, and we want to make protecting them as great and enjoyable of an experience as possible.


Insurance probably does not top your list of favorite purchases, but you can still enjoy the people you’re buying it from. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Give us a call or stop by and let us prove it!

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