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In 2013, Fortune magazine responded to a New York Times essay whose author concluded that “America’s love affair with its vehicles seems to be cooling,” based on a drop in the number of miles driven, lower rates of collector car insurance, and a decline in the percent of young people with a driver’s license. The Fortune writer countered that “that affection for the automobile isn’t cooling or fading, but evolving and maturing.”


If you’re among the thousands and thousands of Connecticut collector car enthusiasts, you know the love affair is far from over. For you, it’s as strong as ever—maybe stronger! Whether you own a vintage car, a classic, a milestone, an antique or any other collector car, you’ve made the personal transition from “practical” to “passionate” by purchasing and caring for your prized possession.

Collector Car Insurance That Protects You and Your Car

No matter what category of car you own—and love—Paradiso Insurance can provide customized collector car insurance products to make sure both you and your car are protected. Our benefits include:

  • Full coverage for you and your collector or antique car. This includes full bodily injury liability protection, in case you injure someone in an accident; Property Damage Liability, in case you’re in an accident and damage somebody else’s vehicle or other property; and physical damage, to cover your own investment on wheels.
  • Agreed amount valuation. In the event of a covered total loss, you’ll receive a check for the full amount of your car’s insured value. No depreciation. No hassle. We use what’s call “agreed value” instead of “stated value” and we base that on an appraisal that will take place.
  • Low premiums. You can end up paying four or five times less for your collector car insurance than you would for a standard policy. At Paradiso Insurance, we’re as passionate about cars as you are. We know cars and their owners, and this lets us find you better protection for less.
  • Discounts. Antique and other collectible car insurance policies offer many of the same discounts you can receive under your regular auto insurance policy. Use of an anti-theft device, successful completion of an approved driver safety course, and even car club membership are just some of the ways to save.
  • Flexible use. Relax and enjoy your car. Your policy covers you for pleasure use with only limited restrictions. So attend those car events, head to town for a quick meal, or get lost on a leisurely Sunday drive in the country.
  • Specialized claims handling and the ability to use the repair shop of your choice. The insurance companies we work with stand behind their products. Paradiso Insurance professionals complement their superior service and offer the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a local agent who knows you and your needs.
  • 24-hour guaranteed flatbed roadside assistance.


We know that your antique or collector car is an important element of your personal achievement of The American Dream. Give us a call, stop by our office, or use our quote request form to see how we can help protect the car of your dreams.

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