Parcel Delivery Insurance For FedEx Ground Independent Contractors

If you’re a FXG ISP or TSP, it is best to know exactly how your insurance works in relation to FXG and your employees.  And, it is best to know how to reduce your risk.  We’ll find you the best parcel delivery insurance coverage options and keep premiums low, so insurance is one less thing on your to-do list.

Fedex Parcel Delivery Insurance Since 2011

As a FedEx Ground ISP or TSP contractor, you are responsible for many things. Remember, you’re not an employee of FedEx, and thus, do not have their corporate-level protections.  The reality is, you need your own insurance — but not just any insurance. You need to protect your own liability. You need to protect your workers and your profits (yes, we know the current state of FXG contractors and are hoping for great improvements). Our agency specializes in this specialty coverage, so you’ll have both the financial and legal protections in place, in the event of an auto accident, injury or the what-in-the-heck just happened today scenario.


What’s more, we make the process as simple (and fast) as possible so you can hit the ground running.

Since 2011, we have had the same goals for FXG ISPs & TSPs: keep Fedex contractors & employees safe, and keep insurance premiums low.

Paradiso Insurance is the only independent insurance agency in the country that has created the best national workers compensation insurance programs for FedEx Ground Local P&D and Line Haul Contractors. As a creator of insurance programs, we have a duty to bring in the better risks and keep losses down as low as possible.  We also work hard to help brand new contractors and existing contractors, that have had claims issues, get into the proper insurance programs and help guide them along the way to lower premiums and better insurance options.

Parcel Delivery Insurance Options:

Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Guaranteed Rate / Traditional Policy Exclusively for FedEx Ground ISPs & CSPs (no down payment with pay-as-you-go)
  • Turbo FedEx Ground & Amazon Work Comp Captive Program
    • Return of premium is up to 30% of premium
    • Two meetings a year to share best practices amongst the top FXG contractors in the country
  • Large Account Single Captive for Work Comp
  • PEOs (line haul only)
  • Dividend program based only on your performance
    • No down payment
    • No Collateral
    • Dividend is up to 36% of premium (amount of premium and loss ratio determine percentage of dividend)

More Insurance Offerings

  • NonTrucking Liability & Physical Damage for FedEx Ground Contractors
  • Employment PracticesLiability and Directors and Officers Coverage: We have been promoting this cobverage for 11+ years and have so much experience in this arena.
  • General Liability for FedEx Ground needs and landlord needs
  • And more for Parcel Delivery Operations


In June 2016, we started the Turbo FedEx Ground Work Comp Insurance Group Captive, which has been a great success. We boast some of the greatest FedEx Ground ISPs and Line Haul TSPs, from CA all the way to NY, as members and friends.

The Paradiso Parcel Delivery Insurance Difference:

  • Save Real Money
  • Aggressive claims handling
  • Proactive loss control efforts designed specifically for parcel delivery
  • Pay-As-You-Go Work Comp, weekly or monthly
  • No down payment
  • We have an in-house claims facilitator
  • We are there for you 24/7
  • We help you establish a safety plan to prevent accidents
  • We have an in house workers comp auditor

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