What exactly is Reverse Trick or Treat?

Every year, our agency collects toy donations within the community from September to October as a way to give back to the children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
Unfortunately, hospitalized children are not able to take part in traditional Halloween festivities. So instead, Halloween is brought to them!
All toy donations are distributed throughout the hospital on Halloween. This way each patient can have the chance to enjoy a bit of Halloween spirit.

How can my business get involved?

We encourage all businesses to get involved in their own Reverse Trick or Treat toy drive! Simply put a toy collection box in your business, and help spread the word about Reverse Trick or Treat.


You’ll also have to let our agency know that you plan to get involved. This way we can pick up the donations and give them to the children on time. Simply send an email to chris@paradisoinsurance.com, or call us at 860-684-5270 if you plan to get involved.

What can I donate?

You can donate anything that will make a child smile and keep them occupied during their medical treatments. Coloring books, puzzles, Matchbox cars, stickers, dolls, and playsets are all great options to give. We are not allowed to donate any plush or stuffed animals because they contain fibers that can trigger allergies in certain patients. We also ask that all donations be within their original packaging due to Covid-19.


Children of all ages are at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, so be sure to purchase toys suitable for different ages!


Additionally, candies, chocolates, and other edible goods are strictly not allowed. Exposure to certain types of candies can actually interfere with necessary medications, and is a huge reason why we push to collect toys instead.

Where and when can I bring my donations?

Toy donations may be brought to our office at 8 East Main Street Stafford Springs, CT up until October 20th during regular business hours. As a reminder, plush and stuffed animals are not allowed as they contain fibers that can trigger allergies in certain patients and all donations need to be in the original packaging due to Covid-19.


If you cannot drop off a toy donation, you can also donate a monetary donation here, which our agency will use to purchase toys.