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Connecticut Plumbers Insurance

Owning a business is one of the most visible representations you’ve achieved—or are realizing—The American Dream. Hard work is paying off and you have every right to be proud of your accomplishments. If you own a plumbing firm or if the company’s owner has trusted important decisions to you, you have a lot of responsibility. Your plate is full, and you probably don’t have enough time to get everything done.


That’s where the Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services pros come in. We’re a small, hometown business and we face challenges just like yours—managing people, serving customers, handling financial and administrative work, and, of course, growing a business. As insurance experts, we also understand the importance of planning and of a solid financial foundation. We’re experienced in helping plumbers prepare for the unexpected and creating customized insurance plans designed just for them.


We recognize the important role plumbers play in making sure buildings and their systems are safe and properly maintained. We also know things happen. A plumbing mistake can cause damage, which could lead to loss of income and other expenses. Insurance can respond to this. Employees can be injured on the job. We address that, too, and a whole lot more.


To make sure we get you the best insurance policy at the right price, we spend time learning about your plumbing business, your people, your operation and your specific risks and exposures. We then identify the best Connecticut plumbing insurance program available from the dozens of top-rated insurance companies we work with to create a protection package just for you.


Coverages we look at include:

  • Property, offering protection for leased, owned and newly acquired or constructed buildings, employees’ personal property, off-premises property, business interruption and more.
  • Liability, which addresses costs associated with bodily injury, medical payments and property damage resulting from on-site mishaps, injuries and damages incurred in the course of running a plumbing business.
  • Auto, which protects you against judgements and other expenses when someone else suffers bodily injury or property damage as a result of your firm’s operation of a vehicle and responds when one of your covered vehicles is damaged in some way.
  • Professional indemnity, which covers plumbers against claims for negligence, unintentional breaches of intellectual property, loss of data or documents, and dishonesty.
  • Workers comp or employers liability, covering things like workplace injury-related medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, lost income or wages, death benefits and more; we can protect you whether you have employees or are a sole proprietor.
  • Bonds, which guarantee your work will be done as promised and that you’re properly licensed and that permits are in order.
  • Others protections, such as coverage for completed operations, premises liability, crime coverage, excess or umbrella liability, life insurance and more.


Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to worry about the unexpected. We want you to focus on growing your plumbing business. Remember, when you succeed, we succeed. Call us, stop by our office, or complete the free quote form to get started.

Coverages to Consider


Workers Compensation

At Paradiso Insurance we understand how this important protection can help you avoid costs associated with workplace injuries. And we’re experts at finding the right coverage for your business.


Commercial Auto

We’ll show you the various options that exist to keep you protected and put together a program with one of the dozens of top-notch insurance companies we work with that best fits your particular needs.


Cyber Liability

If your firm uses technology in the course of conducting business, you face a cyber risk. The best thing you can do is understand your risks and make sure your business is properly protected.

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If you give us a little information about you, we can start protecting your American Dream. 

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