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Connecticut businesses are now enjoying some serious savings on their Workers Compensation Insurance, because the state of Connecticut just passed its fifth consecutive rate decrease for Workers Compensation in the last five years. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity; fill out the free quote form on the right, and we’ll help your business find the best price for your workers compensation coverage today.


As a business owner, you constantly try to differentiate your company. Perhaps you invest in equipment or technology to improve your operation. Maybe you build a distinctive and sustainable brand presence. And we’re pretty sure you work long hours to ensure customers are treated right and that they’re satisfied with whatever product or service your company delivers.

Workers Compensation To Take Care Of Your Staff

If you’re like many owners, a key differentiator is your staff—those people on the front line, dealing with prospects and clients, day in and day out, and those behind the scenes who make sure your business operates as efficiently as possible. Because your people make such a difference, you want to make sure they’re taken care of if they sustain a work-related injury. That’s where a Connecticut workers compensation insurance policy can help.


Of course, there are other reasons to buy. First, Connecticut state law requires it, as do laws and regulations in other jurisdictions around the country. Also, you don’t want to be financially liable—personally or as a business entity—if something goes wrong and one of your valued workers is injured on the job.

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In Connecticut, workers comp covers your statutory liability as an employer under state workers compensation laws and regulations. This important coverage pays everything from workplace injury-related medical expenses and rehab costs to lost income or wages, death benefits and more.


At Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services, we’re familiar with the laws that address workers comp coverage. We understand how this important protection can help you avoid costs associated with workplace injuries. And we’re experts at finding the right coverage from one of the dozens of highly rated insurance companies we work with every day.

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We understand the value you place on your business and on your people. That’s why we take the time it takes to learn about your business and its operations—the types of work you do and the types of jobs that people in your company perform. We work with you to bring rock-solid protection to your firm and your team.


We’re proud to share our expertise—on coverage details and on keeping employees safe—with all of the businesses that entrust us with meeting their insurance needs. As an independent insurance agency, we can choose from among the best and strongest insurance companies around, and can place your protection with a company that’s focused not just on selling insurance but also on promoting workplace safety.

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Of course, as a local company, we know the economic and legal environment in which you operate; we use that knowledge to craft the right policy for your needs. Other benefits of us being local are that we’re here when you need us, we invest in our common community, and we work hard to promote other local businesses and help them grow. After all, we can’t succeed if you don’t.


So give us a call, stop by our Main Street office or use the free request form to get in touch. We look forward to putting together a great Connecticut workers compensation insurance program that not only protects your business and your employees, but one that gets your people healthy and back to work as soon as possible.

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