Cyber Liability Insurance

As today’s consumers have become more tech-savvy, so have the tech-related exposures your business faces. Get. Protection fo your business and customers with Cyber Liability Insurance. Do you accept credit cards at your establishment? Do you store any customer data? Do you have a website, publish a blog or post content on social platforms? Do employees take laptops home or use tablets for company business? Do you or your employees send customer information via email?

Cyber Liability Insurance That Protects You and Your Customer’s Data

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have certain potential liabilities that probably aren’t covered under your standard business insurance policy. Worse yet, any data compromise could cost your business thousands and thousands of dollars—an out-of-pocket expense you wouldn’t need to worry about if you purchased cyber-liability insurance.

Minimizing Risk With Cyber Liability Insurance

The range of cyber-related risks includes everything from privacy issues, intellectual property infringement and defamation to lost data or data breaches, virus transmissions and other potentially serious problems. In addition to covering the costs consumers incur as the result of your business’ negligence, when a breach does occur, you also may need to notify impacted customers, provide credit monitoring services and more. There’s a good chance your day-to-day business operations will be interrupted and, depending on the breadth and severity of the problem, you may want or need to hire a communication firm to help repair any reputational damage you incur.


A recent story described the importance of cyber protection really well: “It’s not just for big companies,” the article said. “Cyber insurance can make the difference between staying in business and shutting your doors after an attack.”


Our team at Paradiso Insurance understands cyber exposures and we know how to protect you from the devastating costs associated with them. We work with a number of top-notch insurance companies to make sure your business insurance doesn’t have any gaps—including gaps related to cyber risks—and that your customized insurance program represents the right fit at the right price.

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Options

We’ll explore how the following coverages might fit with your particular business needs:

  • Coverage for legal fees and investigative or forensic costs associated with a security or privacy breach.
  • Fines you might incur as the result of a cyber-related event.
  • Expenses associated with notifying customers after a breach occurred—everything from legal expenses and credit monitoring to advertising and postage.
  • Comprehensive coverage for interruption expenses, including income loss.
  • Coverage for damages third parties may experience as a result of a network security breach.
  • Protection against losses resulting from cyber-extortion and cyber-terrorism.


Again, if your firm uses technology in the course of conducting business, you face a cyber risk. The threats are growing, as are regulations that address how you handle data and what happens if it’s compromised. The worst thing you can do is ignore the risk.


The best thing you can do is understand your risks and make sure your business is properly protected. That’s where we can help. We can look at your exposures, help you assess your risks, and then put together a cyber-insurance solution that provides the coverage and delivers the resources you’ll need to address the impacts of various cyber events.


Give us a call, stop by our Main Street office, or use our quote request form to get the process started.

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