Connecticut Employment Practices Liability Insurance

As your business grows, so do the potential risks associated with running a business. For instance, when you add staff, you open yourself up to a range of employment-related exposures. These run the gamut from missteps in the hiring process and evaluating team member performance to terminating employees and handling issues related to race, religion, gender and even sexual differences.


Growing your business should not be cause for fear, especially if you have a Connecticut employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy in place. A solid EPLI program complements good employment practices and policies, and provides protection if someone has a grievance.


Proper employment practices start at the hiring process. When considering prospective employees, it makes sense to have written procedures that apply to the interview and hiring process—things like who reviews and decides someone is a good fit and how that determination is made.


Ongoing employee- and employment-related policies and procedures used during the course of normal daily business operations also come into play. You need procedures that relate to evaluating, promoting, disciplining, demoting, reassigning, or terminating existing employees. You also need to consider treatment of sexual, racial, gender, or religious differences.


Modern society believes employers have a basic moral obligation to treat employees fairly and equitably. There also are legal obligations that federal, state, and local laws impose. One slip-up could lead to a lawsuit that could cost you and your business in terms of money, time and reputation.


That’s why employment practices liability insurance is so important. It responds when someone files an employment-related claim or lawsuit against your company, its managers and its directors and officers. It covers a wide range of employment-related activities, including:

  • Wrongful demotion or failure to promote, negative evaluation, reassignment or discipline of a current employee or wrongful refusal to employ;
  • Wrongful actual or constructive termination of an employee in violation or breach of law, public policy or a non-employment contract or agreement;
  • Wrongful denial of training, deprivation of career opportunity or breach of employment contract; or
  • Negligent hiring or supervision resulting in any of these offenses.


It’s important to recognize that that the exposures presented by a given employer can vary substantially, depending on the particular factors involved. At Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services, we understand this and our team of local insurance agents can help you identify your particular risks and put a good insurance program in place that responds to your firm’s unique characteristics and situation.


No matter what size or type of business you run, you face a wide range of potential risks. Employment-related allegations are a common form of business claim and Paradiso Insurance has a solution to mitigate this risk. We work with some of the top insurance companies in the country and can offer you great protection from claims made by employees, former employees, and even potential employees.


Don’t overlook this important and potentially business-busting risk. Give us a call, stop by our Main Street office or complete the quote form, and let us evaluate your situation and then craft an employment practices liability insurance program that meets the specific needs of your Connecticut business.

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