About Paradiso Insurance

Knowledgeable and responsive, Paradiso Insurance employees deliver a range of insurance coverages that address exposures faced by businesses and individuals who want to reduce their financial worries and protect their livelihoods.

As a local insurance agency, we’re part of the community and we understand the environment in which our neighbors and business associates live and work. As an independent agency, we aren’t limited to one company’s products; rather, we have access to a broad array of insurers and coverages to meet individual customers’ specific situations and needs. As trained professionals, we listen to what causes clients’ concerns and find ways to reduce these worries.

We are a professional, community-based business built on helping people achieve The American Dream. As an agency and as individuals, we have fun and take pride in the country, community, the independent insurance agency distribution channel, our firm, its 12 Promises to customers, and our role in helping others.

We are confident that what we do—with insurance and in our communities—can change peoples’ lives and their circumstances. Our can-do attitude allows us to view challenges—whether that’s a projected rate increase or a processing snafu—as speed-bumps, not roadblocks. We run toward problems and work through things proactively, where possible.

We recognize that our behavior and approach to situations—positive, negative, or neutral—can be contagious. That’s why we maintain a positive attitude in all situations and communications. When facing challenges, positivity focuses on our responsiveness and the work we’ll do to resolve the situation; it doesn’t mean sugar-coating a problem.

Every day, we work together to help customers. When things go well, we celebrate our collective successes.

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