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People rent apartments and homes for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes, they’re not ready for the commitment of homeownership. Perhaps they’re not sure where they’re going to end up. Maybe they just not want to worry about property taxes (like any of us do?) In many cases, people just prefer to rent.


Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand that just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean you don’t need residential insurance. Connecticut renters insurance is a really economical way to make sure the things you own—and, for that matter, your bank account—are protected in case something goes wrong.


At Paradiso Insurance, your local Connecticut independent insurance agency, we’re all about making sure our neighbors are appropriately protected, regardless of their situation. We have a lot of experience helping people get the right renters insurance at the best possible price.


Some—okay, most—people are confused about insurance, and renters insurance is no exception. Some folks assume the landlord’s insurance will cover renters and the renters’ belongings. Truth is the landlord’s policy covers the physical structure, but not the renters’ contents.


Renters also may think a Connecticut renters insurance policy will cost them an arm and a leg. Not true. Renters insurance is very affordable—often under twenty bucks a month. It’s sometimes possible to nab an even better deal by getting renters insurance from the company that provides your auto insurance.


Some people think they don’t have enough stuff to insure. Possessions grow over time and, before you know it, your “stuff” could be worth thousands of dollars. Renters often have more personal property than they realize— computers, furniture, game systems, audio systems and more—and some of it is really high-value.


There are other misconceptions. The optimists among us figure there’s not much chance anything will happen to their possessions. If the landlord’s building burns and you’re not insured, how will you replace your belongings? More important, what if someone gets hurt in your apartment or what if you injure someone during, say, a softball game? How will you pay for that?


Our Paradiso Insurance team can help you protect your assets and belongings with a policy designed especially for tenants. We can make sure you’re covered for additional living expenses you might incur if you’re forced from the apartment or other residence you rent, for medical expenses of people injured on your premises, and even for costs associated with a lawsuit.


As a local, independent insurance agency, we work with dozens of top-name insurance companies and we shop around on your behalf. That’s a whole lot easier than you going from one online insurance website to another, entering your info and keeping track of which company offers what.


Don’t leave yourself exposed and don’t make a mistake of buying a one-size-fits-all insurance policy from an online quote provider. Contact us at Paradiso Insurance and let us help you figure out what exposures you face and how we can get you protected.

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