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Everyone can benefit from channeling their creative side and expressing themselves! Whether  you’re looking for a new way to get artistic or you’ve been an arts and crafts fanatic for years, we’ve got the perfect place for you! Paradiso Insurance is proud to partner with The Inspiration Station, located right here in Stafford Springs. We love promoting local small businesses that really provide our community with quality goods and services, and The Inspiration Station does just that.

This local, small business has been thriving since 2002, when Debby Riendeau, a crafty mom of three, decided to share what she loved most. She found it frustrating that there were no specialty craft stores in the area that catered to her hobbies. The internet also seemed to fall short, as you can’t feel or touch the products to really understand their color, texture, and quality. This is an essential part of the shopping process for visual people like crafters. Opening The Inspiration Station solved these issues for Debby, as well as many other crafters! The business grew so fast that they had to move twice into larger buildings to accommodate the additional business. Since 2003, The Inspiration Station has been on 13 Furnace Ave. in Stafford Springs, a beautiful building that is over 100 years old Their services and product lines have also expanded over the years.

At The Inspiration Station, you can find everything to fulfill your arts and crafts needs. They specialize in beautiful scrapbook supplies, rubber stamps, and paper craft supplies and instructions. It is their priority to keep up to date with the newest scrapbooking and stamping trends and products, so there is always a variety of supplies and brands to choose from. Their selection of embellishments, cardstock, and stamps of all kinds are sure to help you create stunning, priceless heirlooms from scrapbooks to greeting cards to personalized gifts. If you’ve got all your arts and crafts supplies, but need help learning how to use them or deciding what to create, The Inspiration Station has you covered there too! They offer classes on creating cards, mixed media, and scrapbooks that will be sure to inspire you, hone your skills, and put your new supplies to good use. They also offer open crop times to crop pictures, make a scrapbook page, and use their space and equipment on Sundays as well as a coffee and craft day on Wednesdays.

The Inspiration Station clearly values their customers and wants to provide them with the best creative experience possible. We truly believe in this small business and what they do. Therefore, we definitely encourage you to stop by and let The Inspiration Station inspire you!

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To contact our partner:

The Inspiration Station

(860) 684-2641


13 Furnace Ave

Stafford Springs, CT 06076